Thursday, June 7, 2012

Fun day in the sun.

Today I helped chaperone an elementary school's field trip with my friend Amy. I supervised a rowdy lot of 80+ third graders walking from their school to the Wayne Recreational center. The walk took 30 minutes, but it wasn't bad at all. The kids were focused on walking quickly to get to the pool quickly. We got to the rec center and the kids ran through the locker rooms, stripping on the move. They leaped into the pool and the humid, high temperature suffering started.

I sat right next to a window looking enviously out at lounge chairs Call[ing] My Name in the bright beautiful sunlight. Unfortunately, I couldn't escape and tan. However, I did get some humor from watching a couple different dads continuing come up to Jill (Amy's sister-- the teacher) and try their hardest to flirt with her. I applaud their endless effort, as Jill would politely shrug them off. Two hours later, the kids were summoned out of the pool by the rec center staff turning off the water slides and fountains. Whatever works. Next comes time for changing back into (hopefully) dry clothes. When I was younger, I didn't exactly look forward to showering after swimming; I usually avoided it, to be honest. Not these youngins'. They ALL wanted to shower. The kids got a 15 second countdown in the shower, the perfect amount of time to rinse off chlorine. After each teacher did a head count, we made our way out to a park outside of the rec center for the bbq. There wasn't much for Amy or I to do during this because of all the parent volunteers, so we just stood around waiting for all the children to get their food. They scarfed down their hot dogs and chips to continue their desired madness at the jungle gym. Fine by me. I got my hot dog and chips and enjoyed them while listening to idol teacher gossip. Since Amy and I weren't being utilized and the day was wasting away, we decided to leave early. We had our own gossip time while walking back to the school.

I dropped Amy off after taking her up to a store to buy some smudge-proof eyeliner, and for doing which, she bought me a delicious Arizona green tea. My favorite! I took that delicious drink with me out to my deck along with a towel and lounge chair to absorb some rays.

I stayed outside for quite some time, enjoying the sun when it was smiling, and reading Club Dead while it was hiding behind clouds. I think I managed to get a bit more of color!

This evening, I wanted to play around with Illustrator, trying to learn some new basic techniques so I followed a tutorial on how to make a cartoon sun. I learned some new fun things, mostly a lot of gradients, and also some shaping hints. But keep in mind, this sun may look good (does it?) but its only because I followed a tutorial step-by-step. I've yet to venture out on my own in the wild world of Illustrator with my new tricks! 

That sun represents my love for it. And for summer. And for hot weather. And for tans. And for no school. And for shorts. And for tanks. Did I mention I love summer?

Wednesday, June 6, 2012


Will a new layout be enough to resurrect this blog?
Let's hope so.
I also just renovated my (scarcely used) tumblr. Now my blog and tumblr match!

I am going to chaperone a field trip with my friend Amy for her sister's class' trip to the Wayne Recreational Center and then to a park to BBQ. It sounds fun! Except I've been Up All Night redesigning my blog and tumblr and I need to be at Amy's house at 9 and it is 3:30!

More posts to come? Stay tuned!!