Monday, January 31, 2011

Abercrombie Adventures

This weekend was basically an Abercrombie fest. I worked Friday, Saturday, and Sunday, each day for more hours I was scheduled. I am lucky to be alive.

Friday, I was assigned to go-backs when I got there, which consists of pushing around a bin of clothes that people either a.) leave in the dressing rooms, b.) leave them piled on random tables, or c.) throw them on the ground. I was in men's one when my manager told me to keep on eye on these two shady looking middle-40s black men, just as a potential lp case.  So I kept an eye on them, but then continued pushing my bin around putting back the clothes. They were in the back room, and I pushed the bin back there and when I got there, one of them said "Hell nawh." So I plopped some polos on the table and asked if I could help him. Then he went off blaming me of following him around the store because he's black and because "that white girl" (my manager) told me they were thieves. He assured me he had money and pulled out a wad on money from his pocket waving it in my face then said, "I oughtta stab you, but I'mma let you go this time..."  Oh, really? Thanks for "letting me go" that time, bud...  I asked him if he would like to talk to my manager, but him and his buddy left the store. Close call...

Saturday, I learned to work the registers! Finally! I loved every bit of it! I was also assigned to write down the scu numbers (by the barcode) of all the clothes on our mannequins for our inventory Sunday.  I was standing on one of the tables in the canoe room, and went to step down onto a little bench which I thought was right under me (but wasn't), and fell to the ground.  I wasn't hurt, since I landed on my foot, and just rolled onto my back from the momentum, and my legs flung into the air almost hitting some azn in the head. Best part, she just stood there looking at me. She didn't move when my foot was a few inches from her face, and she didn't help me up. She just stood there. It's okay lady, I'm fine...

Sunday, I was scheduled from 3-8, but didn't leave until 10:30. Awesome! It was inventory, so we had to go through the store and count every item. Then these ladies came and scanned every item, which was supposed to match up with the number we counted.  Worst part, as they scanned, they DESTROYED the store. Clothes were unfolded all over, thrown onto the ground. It was a disaster. Earlier in the day, we were mobbed by an azn convention, and luckily for us, none of them spoke Engrish. There were these two little ones, running around the store, playing hide and seek tag. I was in men's three putting away some clothes in a closet, and I pushed apart some shirts to hang other ones, and
One of the little asian girls was hiding in the closet and near gave me a heart attack. She then giggled and ran off into the store. 

So I nearly died three different times, three different days working at Abercrombie. I should call Discovery Channel and sign Abercrombie up for Dangerous Jobs

Friday, January 28, 2011

I hate snow for a lot of reasons...

But this isn't one of them!

Thanks to the blizzard in Ann Arbor, some wonderful creature decided to mold God's dandruff into Polar Bears!

If you are in Ann Arbor, be sure to stop by Blimpy Burgers to check it out! Hurry! Before they melt!

Thursday, January 27, 2011

Free Movie?!

Do you want a free movie tonight?


Well you are in luck!

Just stop by a Redbox kiosk TODAY, January 27, and use the code "Movienight" during checkout and voila. One free night!


Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Little Things Part Deux

Part one was yesterday and here comes part two!

17. Party.
16. NYC.
183. Dreamy.
141. Educated.
140. Freedom.
03. Childhood.
201. Inviting.
129. Beautiful.
186. Chelsea.
191. Best.
112. Favorite.
128. Pride.
176. Smart.
184. Weekend!
148. Guzzling.
124. Shining.
153. Twins.
117. Recharging.
131. Snooze.
13. Wonderful.

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Little Things

This post is inspired by this girl and this tumblr.

There were so many little things I liked that there is a part two coming tomorrow!

I want to sum up my feelings for each "thing" in one word each.

111. Roasted.
98. Jammin'.
01. Happy.
169. Refreshing.
109. Memories.
95. Imagination.
77. Funniest.
57. Breath-taking.
74. Passion.
76. Delicious.
203. Luck.
90. Chezza.
71. Luck.
42. Peaceful.
182. Serene.
58. Scream.
170. Crunchy.
23. Eargasm.
37. Hilarious.
32. Chlorine.

Monday, January 24, 2011

Remember those chocolates?

These chocolates...

Well... this past Thursday an Asian called Abercrombie about the subject.

My manager told me how it went down today when I was at work.

M(anager): Abercrombie and Fitch Briarwood.
A(ZN): Herrro?
M: Hi. Can I help you?
A: Do you has find choc-late?
M: Find what?
A: My choc-late?
M: No, sorry.
A: Haz you (incomprehensible asian talk)
M: Sorry.
*Manager hangs up.*

My manager told me she couldn't understand anything she was saying so she just hung up.

Thanks Ms. AZN for the Godiva!! :)

Friday, January 21, 2011

Dive into the archives and some other shit.

I made this as a part of a graphic competition last year, for promo of Gaga's performance at the Brit Awards 2010.

I guess it could also work for Grammy's 2011, though. February 13th CAN NOT come fast enough.

Gaga was recently the musical director for Theirry Mugler's runway show in Paris. For the show she released a remixed version of a new song off Born This Way called "Schei├če." It's got a great sound to it and I love hearing her speak in a German accent! 

Thursday, January 20, 2011

Where is the sun?

Today at work I walked passed a mirror and got real sad because it made me realize how pale I've gotten.

Look at what a few dismal winter months can do! Oh, how I miss the sun and summer time.

So, with that in mind. GO AWAY WINTER. COME BACK SUMMER!

We all miss you dearly.

Wednesday, January 19, 2011


Baby Chan and Baby Chelsea.
Adorbs, no?


And Hermione is for Chelsea. It took quite a bit of time to make and she said to show off something that took a good chunk of time. So here she is.

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Thanks Nameless Abercrombie Customer

Thank you to whoever the customer was who left the $60 worth of chocolates from Godiva in the canoe room Sunday night. It's delicious. 

It also served as a great motive for us workers to close the rooms extra neat and quickly, as my manager made it into a competition. Whoever closed the best got a goody bag!

I got one! Woooo!

Friday, January 14, 2011

Exactly One Year Ago

I officially fell in love with Lady Gaga.

One year ago today is when I got back from my second Monster Ball.

Before those two consecutive nights, I was already a huge fan.  I listened to and loved The Fame and The Fame Mons†er, but it was really feeling her passion and seeing her own the stage that made me the little monster I am today.

It was funny, because all day yesterday, I was listening to Gaga, and then while walking home from class I realized that last year, last night, she was singing to me!

Those were two of the best nights of my life (along with Pink in Chicago a few months prior, and the Lady again later in September).  There is just something about concerts. Something about the pounding rhythm and the pulsating lights, it's so fantastico.

Thursday, January 13, 2011

"Wow, our shoplifters are getting dumb!"

Last night at Abercrombie, I encountered some pretty stupid shoplifters.

We were moving the floor sets around, and my manager was moving winter coats from the first room to the second room.  There were six coats left in the front room, and she went to the back to get six hangers.  Then a group of six girls came into the store.  When my manager came back to the front, one of the coats was missing from the pile of coats she was moving. Maybe someone was going to buy it... no big deal.  Then she saw one of the girls was wearing the same style coat that she was moving.  That is when the person who was working in the first room told the manager that the girl wasn't wearing the coat when she walked in and she did in fact pick the coat up from the pile.  So naturally, my manager confronted her.  She simply asked her if she was interesting in buying the jacket, or if she would like a fitting room to try on other clothes.  The girl got in my managers face and replied with a ghetto tone, "I already paid two hundo for dis..."  That rightfully made my manager pissed, that the girl lied to her face, so she replied, "Oh, because I think that jacket was just in the pile over there that I was moving." She noticed the tags still on the jacket and asked if she could see it. The girl was giving her attitude and at first refused, but eventually handed the coat over.  Once it was in my manager's hands, the girl started walking towards the back of the store.  Odd thing to do if you just handed over your jacket, no?  Then my manager found the sensor in the pocket of the jacket. BUSTED.  The girl and her friends were then escorted out of the store.

Story number two.  I was folding down the store and found a hoodie wadded up thrown into the center of a table.  When I picked it up, a sensor fell out. It's not that unusual to find sensors hidden around the store, but the weird thing was, I felt the hoodie and discovered there was no sensor attached, but there was a hole where the sensor is usually attached.  So our thievin' Steven literally ripped the sensor out of the hoodie, and then decided not to take the damaged goods.

"Wow, our shoplifters are getting dumb!"
                               -- my manager

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

The Picture of Dorian Gray

I recently just finished reading Oscar Wilde's classic novel The Picture of Dorian Gray.  

I really enjoyed the book. It is a thinker. 

Would you want to remain youthful for your entire life, or grow old with friends and loved ones?

My only criticism of the book is the extra chapters added from the book's first publishing to the second. It went from 13 chapters to 20 and while reading it, I could tell (what I think) was added because these chapters were very wordy and didn't advance the story. It did give some of the characters a decent background, and introduced quite a few minor characters, but I feel the story could accomplish the same without it.

The book has given me a great idea for a little project that I want to do in the time coming.  More info on that to come!

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Hold It Against Me

If I said my heart was beating loud
If we could escape the crowd somehow
If I said I want your body now
Would you hold it against me?

This track is pure fire. In my opinion, progressive house and dub step are more than welcome in pop music.  Weirdly enough, ever since I've been working at Abercrombie I've been listening nonstop to house remixed music and this song is right up my street. I can not wait for her album to drop. 

This is just the thing to hold me over until we get Born This Way.

Monday, January 10, 2011


Or Rhiannon Goedel. Whichever.

Today, after having a good 'ol fashion Jersey Shore party with Chelsea and Chan at my apartment, we departed Ann Arbor.

First, while pulling out of my excellent parallel parking spot in front of my apartment, with the WHOLE FRONT of my car already in the lane, some idiot speeds down the road and slams on their breaks and honks their horn. Idiot. I can't make the front of my car disappear...

It get's worse...

In Ann Arbor, there are lights every 20 feet down State St. Because of this, cars always end up blocking intersections because they think they can squeeze by, but then the light turns red and they are stuck blocking traffic.  I was turning right onto State St., and there was not much room, so the front of my car was angled into the lane. Same idiot from before ends up speeding around me, turning right and cuts in front of my car, while flicking me off.

They then continued weaving in and out of traffic down State St., and continued causing road rage all down I-94.  Driving behind them, I was wishing they would get a ticket, or something since they were driving like a maniac.


Quick background... Last April, my van was driving wobble-y. As I would accelerate or slow down, the steering wheel would wobble. I didn't know what it was, I figured something about the alignment... Then driving down I-94 POP!. My driver-side rear tire popped. When I looked at it, it was SHREDDED. Like metal wires exposed shredded.

For the past few days, my van was wobbling again.  I remembered thats what happened last year, so every time I got out of my van, I'd check the air in the tires, watching for any of them going flat. None of them looked semi-deflated at all.

Can you guess what happened?

Front driver-side tire. SHREDDED.

I pulled off to the shoulder of the EXPRESS WAY. A little bit of my van was still sticking out in the lane because the shoulder was so thin.  I put on the emergency lights and opened the trunk door. I proceeded to get out the spare tire and search my van for the jack.

Meanwhile, Chelsea is driving down the road talking to Rhiannon.
R: "Hey, nothing bad has happened lately..."
C: "Don't say that, dude. It's not even funn -- OMG I almost just hit some guy broken down on the side of the road.  OMG IT'S MATT BENYO!"
So basically, Rhiannon jinxed me and caused the flat tire.

Chelsea turned around and came to keep me company while changing my tire.

A cop did the same, he pulled behind me to assure that traffic would get over and not run into us. What a guy... except he didn't even get out of his car to see if I needed help and would only communicate with me via his megaphone.

Long story short, I changed the tire and made my way home safe. Weird thing is I broke down in about the same exact spot as last year. On I-94, right before the Michigan Ave. exit. Weird, no?


Friday, January 7, 2011

Jessie J

Jessie J is a new artist that I discovered recently. She is from Essex, England and it's evident that she hops out of bed and turns her swag on. She most recently won Critic's Choice Award at the Brit's 2011. Past artist who won that award, which in return boosted their career, are Adele and Florence + the Machine. Hopefully it does the same for Jessie.

I found out about Jessie because I found out she was the reason many UKers don't like Cher Lloyd. They claim Cher is a cheap rip off of Jessie.  I don't find much in common between the two. At all, really, besides they both rap and can sing. They are both talented in their own rights.

Jessie has something most popular artists don't today -- a great voice. I've become a fan pretty quickly, and am anxiously waiting for her debut CD.

Here she is singing Price Tag, one of her songs that I fell in love with on first listen. Check it out!

Thursday, January 6, 2011

If you're too school for cool.

I started classes yesterday.

First class of the day was philosophy. I really wanted to take a class with Nate, so I decided to take this one with him. Introduction to philosophy.  It's taught by Dustin, who is basically the male version of Pocahontas. The class seems okay. It was just an introduction to the introduction course, not bad. It was a whole lot of "How do we know that this desk is really here." and "It's raining, sunny, and hot outside. How can you say I'm wrong? Maybe you're wrong." Interesting...

He kind of looks like that, only with hair past his butt.  Side note, when I google imaged "native american male" I found a bunch of provocative photos with half naked buff young guys posing in their headdresses. Congrats Twilight, you made Native American Males into a fetish. 

Organic Chemistry is going to be a toughie. Fortunately, I've got the "best" teacher at UM for the course.  She was very excited and loves chemistry. Hopefully some of her enthusiasm rubs off on me.

Stats. I'm unsure how I feel about this class. My professor reminds me of Betsy's dad, and seemed humorous today. The subject doesn't seem that hard, yet I've heard that it's not an easy class -- that UM makes it harder than necessary. We'll see.

I've got Comm today, so we'll see how that goes.

Now. Here's a fact for you.
Books are RIDICULOUSLY expensive. OUTRAGEOUSLY expensive.
The total cost of all my books this semester is $300.

Wednesday, January 5, 2011

"The Best This Table Has Ever Looked!"

I worked in the morning at Abercrombie on Monday, and I LOVED it!

1. The kids are back in school, so that means no obnoxious middle schoolers messing everything up.
2. The parents are back to work, so that means no obnoxious adults messing everything up.

Plus, it was the morning, and the creatures apparently only come out when it's dark.

Since the store was in pristine condition, Danielle (one of the store managers), had me "audit" the jean table in Men's 2. Auditing includes perfectly straightening the jeans and size-stickering them, making sure we have a max of two jeans per size out on the floor, with one pair stacked on top of the table, and the others in drawers below.  

I had to do 6 different jeans, and it took me about 2 hours to finish the table.

When I was finished with the left side of the table (first 3 jeans), Danielle came over and said they looked "beautiful" and took a picture of them to send to my other managers to show them how nice the table looked. And I quote, "This is the best this table has ever looked!"

Later, another one of the managers came to work, Mandy, who is a stickler when it comes to folding. She even complimented my jeans! 

Two of my coworkers also said the jeans looked great, and then we placed bets as to how long it would remain parfait.

Unfortunately... I left soon after, so I'm not sure how long my hard work remained.

Tuesday, January 4, 2011


Yesterday my youtube video hit 100,000 views.

I was beyond stocked when I found out. 

This is so exciting! I can't believe my video has been watched over 100,000 times.

Heres to 100,000 more!

Monday, January 3, 2011

2011 - Year of the Unicorn

The year of Gaga.

Much like 2010 was, 2011 is going to be HUGE for Lady Gaga. I, for one, am excited for Born This Way, as I'm sure are the millions of other Little Monsters out there.

2.13 and 5.23 couldn't come sooner.

This is my homage to the Lady. I made this back last Septemberish while Illustrator was still new to me. It's probably the best thing I've made on Illustrator since though.

Ps. Also going to be a big year for Momma Pink! Can't wait to see her baybay.

Speaking of Pink... Guess who just reached 100,000 hits on youtube!