Thursday, October 28, 2010

Hide Your Brains...

I wasn't sure what I was going to post about tonight, so I asked Chelsea what she was going to post and she inspired this post. You can go check out what she told me she was posting, I don't want to ruin the shock...

Anyway, Halloween is hiding behind the corner, about to jump out and stab us in the back.  For real, it's only 3 DAYS AWAY!

DILEMMA! I don't have a costume yet, I don't know what I'm doing for Halloween, I feel so unprepared! I need to at least post something Halloween-ish.

I could post pictures of the pumpkin I carved! Oh wait, I haven't done that yet.

I decided to post one of the unedited pictures from my recent trip to NYC.

The second half of the trip, after the fun game of football with the Jackmans, Chelsea started complaining about her zombie foot.  I didn't understand why she kept refering to her ligaments as "zombie".  Then I looked at the pictures from the trip.  I guess my camera could see through her facade. You zombie!!

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

What's Worse Than Failing?

I think I've hit rock bottom when it comes to school.

Not because I'm failing any of my classes... to be honest, I'm doing pretty well in my classes, as far as I know.

The only thing worse than failing classes, is not caring at all.  That is how I am feeling right now about school. I don't care if I ace every test nor do I care if I fail every test.  I do all my assignments completely, but half-heartedly. Yesterday I was actually really proactive and did a lot of work for each of my classes, but when it comes down to it, I just don't care.  I don't know what to do to change this though. I think I don't care because I hate all of my classes this semester.

The only class I actually enjoy is IGR/Dialogue and that is because I enjoy most everyone in that class; we mesh really well.

Next week is basically hell week.  Actually, it starts this Friday with an exam in my Bio Lab, then continues Monday with another exam for my other Bio class.  I have a media analysis paper due on Wednesday (which I am practically done with) and a killer essay about I don't even know what, due on next Friday.  Sprinkle in some group project work, and you've officially made me dread next week with my entire being.

Here is what I did last week in Bio lab.  I didn't do this in lieu of paying attention, mind you, I did this while sitting in class for an hour and forty-five minutes waiting for absolutely nothing.  Our results of part of the lab were supposed to be being calculated, but since our GSI effed that up, it was officially a waste of time.

The only thing that is looking nice about next week is that it is November, which means it is officially time for Christmas spirit. :)

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Messy Little Raindrops

Chelsea told me to do a post of the things I enjoy. That is a really good idea, so I definitely will do that in the future! Not today though. Today I'm writing about one thing that I've really been enjoying lately, and that is Cheryl Cole's  Messy Little Raindrops.

This is a great pop album, not much substance, but just a fun time. Weirdly enough, quite a few of the songs have lyrics that fit to my life, or certain situations in my life right now.

"I can put my hands down in it,
But I won't bring nothing up,
Sitting at the shore all day,
waiting on the tide to come
But you can't hold on to water
It fills you up but never stays"
                          --The Flood

"We could be,
why don't we,
can you see?
You should be,
you should be with me..."

"Sometimes life's unfair
Don't you let that stop you though
I've been right you are, before
I've been there before
Don't let no one stop you though
Happiness is for everyone."

"Love can't grow without
tiny little raindrops.
Tiny little, tiny little,
messy little raindrops."

There are definitely some other quotes I could write, but those are the tops. This is one of the best CDs of 2010, in my opinion. Maybe it's just my newly found love for Chezza speaking, but I've been listening to MLR all weekend.

Monday, October 25, 2010

Short and Sweet

Unlike my past three entries, this post will be short and sweet.
Very very short.

X Factor update.

Somethings will rot your brain.. 
Sometimes you rot your own brain..
You may not want it to, but the rotting continues..

Friday, October 22, 2010

New York City. Part 3 of 3.

Yesterday, I showed you what I thought was the longest post ever.  I was wrong... here it is!
Sadly, Monday was our last day in NY.

Chelsea and I had stayed up the night before watching X-Factor until about 4:30 am.  So, as I'm sure you could guess, we were thoroughly exhausted when it came time to wake up.  We had to check out of our apartment at 3, so we figured we would get up at 10, and travel down to SoHo for some shopping.

Except Chelsea and I were pretty miz that morning.  We did not want to get up.  She actually said, or shouted really, that she wasn't going to go.  She would just stay in bed and wait for us to return from SoHo and would rejoin us around 3.  We were not going to have that.  She eventually got up and joined us for the day.  She convinced me to wear my hat; she said I looked adorable in it! :)

We went to the subway, kind of bummed that it would be our LAST day in NYC, which also meant our last day for RAT WATCHING!  We walked to the edge and stared into the tracks intently waiting for our friends to pop out and say hello. But no luck. We boarded the subway, which was not as packed as it usually was. Probably because it was Monday and everyone was at school/work.

We went down to SoHo with two thoughts in mind.  1. Find Dash - the Kardashian's store.  2. Go to Ugg, so I can buy my sassy boots.  We walked around, and I realized, I needed to be taking more pictures. Pictures, pictures, pictures! So I was taking so many random pictures, just trying to make this day (since it was our last) the best ever!

We walked around, towards where Dash was supposed to be, but it's address did not exist. We concluded that it was still under construction before making our way to Ugg.  We went into Ugg and I walked to the back of the store towards the men's shoes.  There was a lady standing in front of the boots in a really dressy suit, so after I picked up the boots I was looking at, I asked her a question about them, and she just looked at me really confused.  After asking her the same question several times, and asking her if I could get a size 10, I realized she worked there, but as security, and her english wasn't the best.  I laughed it off as I found a real employee who could help me.  I asked for a pair of brown boots in size 10.  She came back after a few minutes and regrettably told me, "Sorry, we don't have that style in brown anymore, only black." and handed me a size 9.  I tried them on, but considering they were a size smaller than I asked for, I asked another employee to get me a size 10.  She brought a box out, and told me that the last pair of black 10's they had were the sample boot that was out, but that I could buy them.  I tried them on, and really liked them, but wish they were brown.  But then I was thinking... if I could buy the black pair that was out, maybe I could buy the brown ones.  I was stuck between the brown and black, and Nate and Chelsea were saying they liked both, and I am the most indecisive person ever, so I could not make up my mind.  Just then, the french security lady told me she liked the brown better. Thanks mademoiselle, for helping me make my decision!  I asked the 2nd girl helping me, and she said, "No problem. Let me pull the other boot from the back."  I was waiting and the first girl who helped me came up and asked if I needed anything.  I told her that someone else was getting me the brown boots that I asked for first.  She rolled her eyes and said "I already told you that we didn't have any.  If she finds them, then I guess she is better than me."  Guess what? She found them, I loved them, I bought them, the end.

I left Ugg a happy and hungry boy.  We wandered the streets, with me taking more and more pictures, until we found a nice little bistro to eat at.  It was called Sullivan Street Bistro, and they had really good food, for a really decent price.  I loved the atmosphere of the bistro.  It was like a quaint little french bistro, and was decorated with a lot of Halloween decorations, which were right up my alley! I ordered a chicken guacamole club with a house salad. It was so delicious! Nate ordered some nasty salmon sandwich (that he loved) and Chelsea ordered a bowl of fruit and fries and a coke with 2 ice cubes. After we ate, we all went to the bathroom before having to get back to the streets.  The best part of the bistro... there was this real creepy Scarecrow decoration in the bathroom behind the door, so right when you walk in, you jump.  While using the facilities, I was paranoid that it was going to come to life and stab me in the back. Real creepy.

After eating, we needed to start back to the apartment to get packed up and check out.  Once again, I was taking pictures of everything to look back fondly on this trip.  We loaded on the subway, and Chelsea and I were cracking up the whole time, as usual.  I even snapped a picture of this lady falling asleep leaning against the door. Hilarious! She also pulled a Sue Sylvester and wouldn't let anyone sit next to her, because obvi the seats were taken by her ghost friends.

We got back to the apartment, and took our stuff across White Playground to my car.  We loaded the car up with our belongings, left it in the garage and went back to the apartment waiting for Elsa to come to check out.  When Elsa came, and we met her for the first time, we found out she was nothing that we expected her to be.  She was really nice, and we couldn't have had a nicer tenant.

Back to Times Square to find SWATCH! We took the subway and got off the stop after Times Square, thinking it was closer to Mood.  WRONG.  Even better, when we came to the street Mood was on, Nate told us to go to the right.  I asked him if he was sure. "I am positive."  A few blocks down, he realized he was wrong and we had been walking in the wrong direction the whole time.  That would have been fine, if Chelsea didn't have a bum foot from the soccer game the day before, and could barely walk on it.  We turned around and started trekking towards Mood.  Chelsea was bitching and moaning (with good reason) and finally found a drug store where she bought some Tylenol and V water to wash the pills down.  We continued towards Mood.

We finally got to Mood, went up in the elevator and walked into the store with an eager smile.  Chelsea and I were booking it around the store, looking for signs of Swatch, and while looking down an aisle, she yelped.  We starting running down the aisle looking for him, and BAM! We found Swatch! It was the second best thing of the trip. For sure. We took pictures of him and petting him all over.  He was eating a bone, and I think he didn't want to be bothered, but we didn't care. He loved all the attention, I'm sure.  After he moved to another aisle, right by the line to purchase fabrics, Chelsea and I decided to lay on the ground next to Swatch and get a nice picture with her polaroid.  Right when she took it out of her bag, and handed it to Nate, Swatch got up and ran away, leaving Chelsea and me laying on the ground, in the middle of the line, laughing like idiots.  We got up and ran after him again, and this time, laid down quickly next to him and had Nate take a picture of us before he moved again.  Nate got a picture with my camera, but when he grabbed Chelsea's polaroid, Swatch up and ran away again.  We decided to give him some time, so we browsed the store for a bit, before spotting him by the front door. We was finished with his bone, so we figured he'd be more apt to stay still for a picture.  Nate got the polaroid, we posed next to Swatch and *click*. We got the picture!  Satisfied, we were waiting for the elevator to leave Mood, and I read a little bio about Swatch posted on the wall.  I read that he loved playing with bottles, so when Chelsea finished her V water, I told her to give swatch the bottle. She did and he loved us for it!

After leaving Mood, Nate told us he wanted to go to China town to get a nice wallet for cheap.  We took the subway there, and got off, and almost immediately were scared.  We walked past a few vendors, with no luck, and then were approaching a large group of black men.  They were all talking to us really fast, grabbing our arms, tugging at us to look what they have to sell. Nate asked if they had a Burberry wallet and this one guy told us he did and to follow him.  He took us to a Popeye's chicken restaurant and sat us down at a table and told us to wait here.  At Popeye's, by the table we were sitting at, were a bunch of more black men talking in a different language, and we were basically crapping our pants.  The guy came back with a purse, and Nate told him he wanted a men's wallet, so he left again.  The situation we were in was like a movie showing an Italian restaurant which was owned by the mob, and all the mob members were there eating.  The black men = the mob. The guy finally returned, and I really liked one of the wallets he brought, so I bought it and Nate bought a wallet and we were on our way.  Walking out of Popeye's Nate was walking so far ahead of Chelsea and I, and this man was following us, asking us to buy weed or any other drugs. Chelsea shouted "NO WEED, NO THANKS!" and grabbed my arm and ran off.  After getting to safety around the corner, we decided we wanted to get the hell out of there, while we were still alive, but instead of walking back the way we came, I suggested crossing the street to avoid the crowd of peddlers.  We were walking down the opposite side of the street and were approaching this black big scary man sitting on a stoop.  He had four teeth, and looked like a guerilla! I told Chelsea to get to the other side of me, away from him.  Then she looked him in the eyes, and he started shouting at us.  I literally jumped because I was scared.  He was SCREAMING at us, but we could not understand a thing he was saying. After running quite a bit forward, and catching up to Nate, he turned around and asked us to stop and take a picture of him in this scary place.  I yelled "NO. KEEP WALKING! WE ARE GETTING ON THE SUBWAY RIGHT NOW!" I've never been more scared in my life.  Detroit in the middle of the night is NOTHING compared to this area.
I managed to snap a picture of them running down to the subway.

Next step, Central Park.  Chelsea was set on going here because the Jonas Brothers filmed a music video there... whatever.  I enjoyed walking around the park though, because its so different, going from a concrete jungle to a park! Amazing.  Chelsea got her picture where the JoBros filmed, and then Nate and I started climbing this rock.  We were climbing on the rock, and Chelsea was snapping away from the bottom of the rock.  It felt like a photoshoot! It was a lot of fun!

Walking out of the park, we walked past this horse buggy, and there was a wallet laying on the ground.  Chelsea told me that, and this woman passing by was all over it.  She basically ran over the wallet to check out the scene.  Spooky thing was, at the next street corner, she was in front of us! She must have traveled through the air to catch up with us. Witch.

We were walking down 5th avenue an awe of the stores.  Gucci, Prada, Tiffany's, all those über expensive stores...  We passed the Trump tower, and then Chelsea and I just sat on a stoop just to watch everyone rush by.  Just soaking in the madness of the city.

We were trying to find a place to eat before we left, and were hoping to find something cheap on the way to the subway.  We were walking past this place called "The Primeburger." I figured it was too much money, but there was a menu on the door, and it was not much at all! Like $5 for a burger! So this was obvi the place we were going to eat at! We went in, and the seats were like high chairs! It was so unique! I've never seen anything else like it! It was a classic NY dinner.  The employees had the sassy NY attitude, but it was so funny at the same time! They were really nice, but rude at the same time. Only in NY.   There was a man sitting at the bar eating, and he started talking to us, and he told us he was going back to Poland soon.  Chelsea told him that she was Polish too.  He then said "Jak się masz?" assuming Chelsea spoke Polish.  She had no idea what he said, so he told her "How are you?"  Chelsea answered, "My grandma." LAWLZ.  She thought he was asking how she was Polish, instead of how she was doing.  It was awkward and funny at the same time.  He then kept making jokes that we couldn't quite understand, but went on enjoying our last meal in NYC.  It was the perfect way to wrap up New York City.

Things went downhill from there.  Nate was ready to get going, and Chelsea and I were walking at our own pace, which I'm sure he didn't like.  We went down to the subway, but after we got down there, we realized that we were on the side to go downtown instead of uptown.  Since that was the wrong direction, and instead of walking through the subway station, we just went back up the street and went down another set of stairs.  When we went to swipe our subway passes to get to the tracks, it wouldn't allow us through.  Since we purchased unlimited cards, they have the card set up to only swipe through every 18 minutes, so that way, you couldn't cheat the system and swipe more than one person in at a time.  Well, since we just swiped when we went to the wrong side, we had to wait 18 minutes to swipe through again.  Nate was pissed.  He wanted to walk back over to the other side so the subway workers could validate our cards, but Chelsea and I just wanted to relax and wait the 18 minutes.  Nate was pissed, Chelsea was pissed, I was pissed.  Just a piss match.  Chelsea and I were having a good time, singing loudly, and Nate just left because we wouldn't go with him to the other side.  Chelsea and I had a great 18 minutes, making the last few minutes in NY rememberable. Finally, we got through.

This was our last ride on the subway which meant the last time we could RAT WATCH! We hadn't found a rat all day, and we were going to be real sad if we didn't find one at all.  BUT! We did! And I got a picture of it! Chelsea and I are going to definitely win the gold when RAT WATCHING becomes an olympic sport.

We made it back to the car around 9 pm.  Walking through East Harlem was NOTHING compared to China town earlier that day.  We got in out car and started heading home. Psych! We were headed to SLEEPY HALLOW -- the town famous for the headless horseman.  It only took about 30 minutes to get there, and Nate was not happy we were there.  We assured him we would only be there for 20 minutes tops. LOL -- as if!  We first parked the car and walked around trying to find Sleepy Hallow Cemetery. We were following this path, which I'm pretty sure was a haunted path attraction.  Chelsea and I got real freaked out, because we were looking into this field and we swear there was a girl standing out there, but when we shouted to her, she didn't respond. SPOOKY!  We couldn't tell if she was real or fake.  Nate then realized, with his amazing navigational skills, that we passed the cemetery quite a ways back.  We finally made it there and hopped into the cemetery.  We walked for a bit and took a few pictures, and Nate was not having it.  He was terrified in the cemetery (we all were, but he was the most).  After taking a few photos, and hearing howling, we bolted.  Walking through Sleepy Hallow was so different than NY. It was so dead and was only 9:30ish.  Walking back to the car, we spotted a gas station selling slush puppies! Sno-cones in liquid form? Yes please.  We got our drinks and made our way back to the car.  Walking back, I convinced Chelsea to steal a pumpkin, since they were ALL OVER town.  They wouldn't miss ONE pumpkin, right? Plus how cool would it be to have a pumpkin from SLEEPY HALLOW? She casually put her sweater over the pumpkin and picked it up.  She put it in her satchel, which basically stretched it to the ground! I helped her carry it and we dropped it off at my car.  We then went to the "Welcome to SH" sign, since we totally needed pictures in front of it.  That is were I took my pumpkin from! ;)
A photo from the cemetery. You can see the terror in Nate's eyes. HA!

After Sleepy Hallow came the 10.5 hour drive back to the ol' mitten.  I had decided some part during the drive, that I wanted to drive the entire way. Not sure why, really, but just to say I did.  Chelsea, AKA the BEST co-pilot ever, sang with me the whole trip home.  We stopped every couple hours or so to pee and Chelsea bought us a 5 Hour Energy shot to split.  It was the most disgusting thing EVER! It tasted like guerilla piss. Kind of like how that homeless man smelled on the subway.  The shots made us so hyper, we were practically bouncing off the walls.  We sang loads of Rocky Horror and REPO! and some Glee songs!  Chelsea was probably delirious from the lack of sleep and the energy shots, but she was convinced that I have a good singing voice.  So we sang Don't Stop Believing over and over again. We loved it!  We made it all the way to Michigan, through thick scary fog, without falling asleep at all! Chelsea and I had a blast singing! A perfect way to end a perfect vacation!

Overall, I LOVED my trip to New York.  I could not have wished it to go any other way.  I had a blast hanging out with the Jackmans and meeting Nadine was amazing.  She is probably one of the best people in New York!  So many memorable moments, rat watching, meeting Swatch, subway riding, it was all so much fun.

I can tell you that we are all ready planning NYC VACA pt. 2!

Like the past two days, read Chelsea's and Nate's blog for another point of view!
And be sure to check out all of the pictures from Day 3 here!

Thursday, October 21, 2010

New York City. Part 2 of 3.

This is it. The longest post in the history of blogs.

Nathan wakes up in the morning and goes to take his shower and get ready. Meanwhile, Chelsea and I are stretching any last seconds we can get with our pillow.  Once Nate is out and dressed, his phone alarm goes off, and he walks over to Chelsea:
-"Chelsea, time to get up. It's 8:45." (said in a sweet voice)
-"AANNDD?!!!!" (said in sleep monster voice)
-"I thought you wanted to get up and shower."
-"I SAID 9:15!!!!!!!!"
-"Oh, okay."

It was pretty funny.  Chelsea did eventually get up and shower and get ready, as did I. We were getting dressed up pretty nicely, considering the activities planned for later that day. We were all starving, so we planned on taking the subway to Times Square and getting Jamba Juice. But plans changed when we left the apartment, and saw a fruit stand at the end of our street! We ran over to it, and checked out the prices.  Surprisingly they were fair! I bought a peach and a banana for only $1. I ate the peach while walking to the subway.  Chelsea bought grapes, and did so without knowing they were seeded grapes. She was not pleasantly surprised on her first grape. She was miz.  When we got the subway, I traded her my banana for what was rest of her grapes.  The grapes were not bad.  Chelsea wouldn't swallow the seeds (or nuts as she called them).  She would spit them out.  I found an easy way to avoid the grapes; by biting the grape in half, then picking the seeds out with my teeth and spitting them onto the tracks. I suggested this to Chelsea; to use her "teeth." She laughed.

We got on the subway, which was not as crowded as usual. We jerked around at every bump, like usual. While standing on the subway, I told Chelsea that I could see her bra strap through her dress. She didn't care -- it's just a strap, right?  We then got off at 14th street. We were on our way to the Jackman's house. :)

Walking there, we were über excited. We were taking pictures of everything.  Greenwich is nothing like Times Square.  It is insane how different the area is only being a few blocks down.  It is like something you see out of a movie.  It was incredible.  This is where I want to live when I move to New York.  It was beautiful, calm, serene. Maybe it helped that the weather was perfect that day!

Then we arrived. Outside of the Jackman's apartment, Chelsea called Deb to let her know we were there.  Then she didn't answer. Ummm. What now? Thanks to Chelsea's brilliant mind, she went and talked to the doorman, who let us in.  The guy working the front desk heard where we were headed, so he called up to the 9th floor, and confirmed we were supposed to be going up to see them, and then let us onto the elevator.  We didn't even have to press a button. He did it all for us from the front desk.

On our way up, we were all so excited.  Then the door opened... we stepped out, into their apartment.  We looked around the corner, unsure of what do to. Then we called out "Hello...?" and were greeted by shouts of "Hello" being returned to us. We walked into their apartment and my jaw dropped.  Their apartment was GORGEOUS! Everything is white, and so modern looking. And the view from their apartment? Breath-taking. You could see the freakin' Statue of Liberty from their balcony (which is were we all took photos to be our new defaults on FB. It was real hard for Chelsea and I to change them from our pics with Taris)!  Deb gave us a quick tour of their apartment and told us about future plans they were considering.  They have this AMAZING vertical orange couch! You can see that in the pictures below.

Then she took us down stairs to their art room where Oscar was playing with his buddy Tristin, and Oscar was drawing Meeps. Deb introduced us to Tristin's parents Latresha and Paul.  They were both really nice.  Latresha was artsy, like Chelsea, Oscar and Deb, while Paul was more of a math guy, like Nate. Latresha is french, and it was awesome, because when she was talking to her friend over the phone in french, I could understand what she was saying!! I guess these french classes are doing something...

We did some drawing, and Deb brought down some Mango juice and vitamin water and Chelsea guzzled it down.  Gulp gulp gulp, "you want some Matt?" Gulp gulp gulp "Ok. Here." Then the V-water was gone.  We talked and caught up, and it was really nice.  Then Deb told us to come upstairs in 4 minutes. Chelsea gulped.  We were going to be eating, and Chelsea is SUCH a picky eater. She went upstairs immediately to scope out the situation.  I finished my drawing, and then Nate and I went up stairs.  We sat down at the dinner table.  We were having chicken, roasted pumpkin, diced potatoes, some delicious italian type bread, and an arugula salad.  It was all SOOOO GOOD! It was a very delicious lunch! Thanks to Nadine who made it! Chelsea did not think so, however.  She took a bite of the arugula salad, expecting it to taste like lettuce and made the "I-should-not-have-put-this-in-my-mouth-I-think-I'm-going-to-throw-up" face.  It was priceless.  So she guzzled down some more V-water to cover the taste and then indulged on the bread.  During the lunch, Hugh came home and I was really excited to see him. During lunch, we all just chit chatted, and I really felt like a friend, not just a guest. It was awesome.  Hugh gave Nate and I some excellent advice.  We were telling him about how school is terrible.  He told us about his time at school, and how during college, he wasn't happy with what he was doing, so he took a year off.  That was probably the worst thing we could have told us. So tempting.

Then while Nadine was cleaning up, we chatted with her in the kitchen.  Again, she told us some very convincing information.  She was telling us just to up and move to NY.  There is nothing like it, and we can finish up school there.  We should do it while we're young, she told us. Insanely tempting. Then, we told Chelsea how the Jackmans have a talking microwave.  "You just have to hold a button and say something to it and it starts!" She didn't believe us, but when Nadine verified it, Chelsea walked over to the microwave...

After a while of running around the house, Hugh suggested that we go to the park and play some football (aka soccer).  We were totes excited.  We walked over to the park, which was only across the street from their apartment.  The park was an astroturf field on a pier.  Chelsea and I sat and enjoyed watching Hugh teach us all a bit about Cricket.  The bad thing about playing Cricket on the pier, it was only a few minutes before the tennis ball went flying into the Hudson River.  Thats when the soccer game started.  Tristin and Hugh were team captains, and I was picked to play on Tristin and Oscar's team.  It was so much fun!  We weren't really wearing appropriate shoes for a soccer match, but than didn't stop me!  It was a blast playing soccer, just getting to run around.  I felt like a great time player, since I kept setting up Oscar and Tristin for goals.  Hugh was basically on top of me the whole game, trying to block me, and was grabbing my back so many times.  He told me "You could have a future in football, mate." I died a little on the inside, but just smiled on the outside.  The game came to an early end when Oscar got hit in the arm with the ball and it hurt him.  We just hung around and tried to cheer him up.  He eventually got better, but he still wanted to go home, so we parted ways.  Hugh and his family went back to their apartment.  We said our goodbyes and went on our way to the Highline.

We went to the Highline and took loads of pictures.  Walked around, going towards the Meat Packing district, where we ran into the Apple store. Nadine told us earlier that she had to go their to pick up her computer, so we thought, 'Hey, maybe she is upstairs?" She we checked and sure enough she was!  We stayed with her and talked. Nothing too fancy, just girl talk.  She was again trying to convince us to move out to NY.  Seriously considering it now...  She showed us around the area, gave us great advice on how to get free yogurt from Yogurt Land.  You just try a ton of different samples! She took us to Chelsea market, which is this incredible indoor market with loads of different shops inside.  Chelsea bought some Gelato while we were there, and some random woman took her picture, because "the pink in her hair matched the pink shirts the employees wore and the pink cups." She wasn't too stoked, but was satisfied with her gelato.

After this, Nadine was taking us to some really great burger joint, and crossed the street.  Chelsea and I were paying too much attention, but apparently, it was the RED HAND and we weren't supposed to be walking. A car was driving towards us and WAS NOT slowing down! I grabbed Chelsea's hand and pulled her across the street. Our lives flashed before our eyes.  Then crossing another street a mere minutes later, a big bus started going in reverse RIGHT INTO US!  It was terrifying!  After walking towards Nadine's apartment, she left to go find something to give as a birthday present to a girl who already has everything. Socks are great.

We went walking towards the World Trade Center memorial area.  We eventually found it. It was terribly disappointing.  There was no memorial that I could see. Just a bunch of huge high gates blocking an area.  Not what I expected at all. Not a tear jerker by any means. Walking away, I found this blocks, so I jumped up on them and started hoping from step to step, but then some man came out of the building and yelled at me.

So then we started towards St. Peter's church. We turned a corner, and found a Jamba Juice! And it wasn't closed! So we ran inside to get some delicious Jamba Juice. I got Pomegranate Pick Me Up with a free energy boost!! It was so good! I'm glad Chelsea introduced me to it! We found the church, and Nate took some pictures while Chelsea and I sat trying to think of things to do to pass the time.  We planned on going to John's Pizzeria on Bleecker st.  Chelsea swore it was the best pizza ever, but we needed to wait to get hungry.  We thought of the perfect thing...

We could take the subway towards the Brooklyn bridge to get a nice picture of it.  At the subway station, we were obviously RAT WATCHING, and we wondered why it wasn't an olympic sport.  We made up some rules for the sport.  Whoever is the last person to spot a rat had to go touch it.  About two seconds after stating that rule, I looked over and screamed "THERE'S ONE!" And Chelsea hit me and the same time and shouted "FOUND ONE!" We found the same rat and the same time!  Then we told Nate he had to go touch it, but he wasn't having any of that...  We got on the subway, and when we got off, we realized... we were in Brooklyn! And it was getting dark!! We got out and got a really bad picture of the bridge.  Then I had the brilliant idea to walk across the bridge, back to Manhattan! Perfect way to waste some time. The walk took a while, but it was a blast.  We got some stranger to take our picture, in return I took theirs.  And then after walking for a bit, we saw someone trying to take a picture of them with the NY skyline in the background, but it is so hard to take a good shot by yourself, so I offered to take one for them. I liked helping them out! Weird thing was, we saw that couple again the next day! Crazy!

After the walk over the bridge, we made our way to John's pizza.  We ordered two medium pizzas and ate all but two slices.  It was delicious! Chelsea was right, again! It was the perfect NY style pizza.  Thin crust, lotsa sauce. Mmm.

After that, we just walked around, taking random pictures in the beautiful neighborhood. Not scary at all like our East Harlem apartment's neighborhood.  Chelsea and I found this bright blue door, and of course needed pictures!  Greenwich is such a lovely city at night. We decided to head back to Times Square to get some more pictures.

At the subway station, Chelsea and I were rat watching, and this guy walked towards the edge, and looked to see what we were staring at. It was real funny.  Then on the subway, we realized it must have been a requirement to be high or drunk to ride this train, because everyone was!  So many people had glazed over eyes, and looked so stoned. So funny! This one guy dropped a skittle and watched it roll to the ground in longing.  It was so funny! A homeless guy walked past us asking for money and he smelled like piss. It was DISGUSTING.

At Times Square, we went to McDonalds and I got a milkshake. It was delicious. We sat at Times Square and enjoyed our Micky D's.  When we were finished we went to the RED LIGHT UP STAIRS to get some pictures. We then sat on the stairs and just watched hectic New Yorkers rampage the city. Crazy thing was, it was after midnight.

Nate was getting moody because he wanted to go home because he was tired, but Chelsea and I were not having it.  He started walking away but Chelsea and I didn't move.  He then snuck back and was being a real creeper. Peaking around this big statue. It was hilarous. Eventually, we gave in to Nathan's request. Only because they were closing the stairs to clean them though.

When we got to the subway station, we all sat down on this bench.  After sitting for a hot second, Chelsea and I jumped up to partake in RAT WATCHING.  We were up for about 1 minute, and then saw this guy walk over and sit on the bench RIGHT NEXT to Nathan, as opposed to the other seats, not right next to him.  It was pretty hilarious.  Because then he was leaning all over Nate. Chelsea and I could not contain ourselves. We were laughing so hard.  I had her stand in front of the bench so I could get a picture.  Then another guy came and sat right next to him on the other side.  Then a woman came and took the last seat.  Chelsea and I died.  We were laughing so hard, the people probably thought we were drunks.  The best part is, we tried saving Nate, and kept telling him to get up and walk with us down the tracks a bit, and he just looked at us like we were strangers. We laughed even harder.

When we finally got up, I noticed there was TV monitors up that was taping the subway area.  Chelsea and I walked away until we were on the screen and had Nate take a picture of us on the monitor!

When we got home, we searched some gossip websites for any paparazzi shots of us hanging with the Jackmans since they were all over when we were playing soccer, etc. Guess what?! THERE WERE! I was so excited when I found them!  The horrible thing was, there weren't any pictures of Chelsea or Nate. Just me. I mean, yay for me, but I felt bad they weren't getting the attention I was.
Then we looked at the pictures we took during the day, and I started laughing so hard when looking at pictures of Chelsea.  You could totes see her bra through her dress because of the flash of the camera! Hahahaha! I told her you could see her bra strap earlier, but she just blew it off. Guess it was a foreshadowing event.

Like yesterday, you should definitely check out Chelsea's and Nate's blog to get another perspective.
And check out my photo album here for more pictures!

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

New York City. Part 1 of 3.

First off, sorry about this not being posted earlier/last night.
Stuff came up, thanks to Nadine...

So, part 1.
It all began with the trip to Chelsea's house to pick her up and get on her way. Nate and I got out of the car to go pet her lion, Big Momma and then her mom came outside with her. Janine (her mother) was telling us not to let her meet up with this creep that she had met online a few months ago. Nathan and I both agreed.  We did not need our bff to be killed in New York.  At least not until she paid her part of the trip. Ha. Just kidding! :)

So we pulled down her street and turned on our NYC playlist on my iPod, which would entertain us for almost 9 hours.  We were driving towards the boarder of Canada, so we could begin our adventure.  First step, Niagara.  We got to Canada, and I was so nervous talking to the boarder guard, because they are just so intimidating, but I got through without stuttering from nervousness.  Then, we saw the speed limit sign. Only it was in KM/MILE.  Well, crap. I had no idea how fast I was going, because on the dashboard, the speedometer goes up in 40 km/h incriments, so it was hard to tell my exact speed.  Luckily, Nate turned to my Tom-Tom navigator to km/h, so I could see my speed on there.  Lucky for me, I didn't speed AT ALL during the whole trip.  It was insane because we saw a sign on the side of the road regarding speeding tickets and their prices.  10 km/h over (about 6 mph) is $100 fine. 20 km/h (12 mph) over is doubled to $200.  30 km/h (about 18 km/h) over is $300. BUT WAIT FOR IT.........  25 km/h (24 mph) over is $10,00!  Yes, you read that right. TEN THOUSAND DOLLARS! Crazy.

It was a little bit into Canada that Chelsea switched seats with Nate.  She became my co-pilot and he became sleeping beauty.  We jammed and sang tons of songs and laughed and laughed and just talked.  We are so much alike, it is insane.  About 2.5 hours into the drive, we were supposed to get off on an exit to a different highway.  Too bad it was closed.  Tom (GPS) recalculated our route and told us to get off at this other exit, about 5 miles down the road.  Guess what? That was closed too. So we did this long loop around to get the right highway, and this is when we (as Chelsea and I agree) crossed over into a different dimension.

About and hourish later at 3:30, we arrived at Niagara.  We first parked at the casino's parking lot, which said it would cost $5 unless you had a player's advantage card.  So at the casino, Nate and I naturally applied for one, just for the free parking.  We then cashed in $10 to gamble with and went on the hunt for free drinks.  We couldn't find a free drink station, but eventually asked and found out that the free drinks were at the bar. So we got a Coke (Chelsea) and 2 coffees (for Nate and myself) and then went gambling.  I wasn't doing to well, not winning anything, but then I won about $1.25, so cashed out and left the casino with $1.25 more than I arrived with.  A win is a win.  After than, we left the casino to go look at the falls.  We walked down this long driveway and were standing agaisnt the ledge staring off into the darkness.  We had expected their to be lights lighting the falls, but nope.  We could see them decently, but the falls definitely did not show up in our photos.  The worst part about traveling, is not having a person to take pictures of everyone.  So we stopped some guy running and asked for a picture.  He was some sort of asian, and I'm pretty sure he did not know what we were saying, but when we handed him the picture, he figured it out.

Then came time to leave Niagara.  We walked back to the casino parking lot, and were ready to leave, but... WE COULDN'T FIND TOM!  I must have blacked out when I hid it in my car.  I thought I remembered putting it under the driver's seat, but none of us could find it.  At this point I was delirious and could not stop laughing. Chelsea and I found it so funny, but Nate did not. We searched and searched, and about 5 minutes into searching, we found Tom.  Guess where he was... under the driver's seat.  With that situation settled, we got on our way. Pulling out of the casino, we had to either pay $5 or swipe the player's advantage card.  Nathan swiped his, but the gate did not move.  Then, we read the sign saying we needed points on the card... which you get with a lot of winning.  Welp...... he tried swiping mine, then his, then mine, and finally the gate lifted.  We had no idea why or how, but we just sped out of there before the gate changed it's mind.

Chelsea and I doing a Spice Girls pose in front of the falls.

Now, I was exhausted and passed out in the back. I only woke up when we got to the boarder, so when the boarder guard asked to see me, he could.  Funny thing though, when we were supposed to pay the $4 fine to cross the bridge, we got into the wrong lane and drove right past the paying station. Whoops. Free bridge for us!  After crossing Rainbow bridge into Buffalo, NY, I passed out again.

When I next woke up, we were at a rest stop to take a bathroom break.  Except this rest stop smelled like horse piss. It was seriously the worst smell. (Like a certain bum on the subway in NY, which the story will come later.) But I pee'd and went back to sleep only to wake up again in an hour, to pee again.

Nate and I switched again, and I was driving the last stretch.  Chelsea and I jammed to REPO! and then Rocky Horror. It was so much fun, and then Nate came up to the passenger's seat and Chelsea went back, but then refused to sleep.  Soon after, we saw NYC in the skyline. AHHH! We were so excited! 

We crossed a toll road, and then were in NEW YORK CITY! It was so exciting.  We drove to our apartment, and dropped off Nate so he could check in, and until he was done and we could move our stuff in, Chelsea and I had to drive around to try to find parking.  We drove around in a square and couldn't find anything, and then Nate called and sad he found a spot where we could park and unload our things right in front of the apartment.  So I was driving down the road and spotted Nate, ON THE OTHER SIDE OF THE ROAD.  I was freaking out. There was no way I'd be able to make a U-turn. I was so nervous because the drivers in NY are insane.  But with Chelsea's encouragement, I made a successful U-turn and parallel parked.  We unloaded our car and then were on our way to find a parking garage.  We found one the next street over and parked there.  We then walked through a park back to our apartment. The park was named "White Playground." It was pretty funny.  Back at the apartment, Nathan showered and we all cleaned up a bit and then were on our way to Times Square!

We went to the subway station near our apartment. I bought my first subway pass, which was really exciting.  We were standing along the tracks waiting, when Chelsea and I thought up the BEST ACTIVITY to do whilst in NY.  RAT WATCHING! Obviously it is when you stare down into the tracks looking for rats. We came up with rules later.  We found one rat before the subway came, and it was really exciting for me.

This is the reason Rat Watching is more challenging than you'd think.

The subway came and it was super crowded.  There were so many people, we were crammed in there, and with no seats available, we had to stand holding a pole.  When the subway first started, I actually was jerked back a little.  I did not think the subway moving was going to be so forceful.

We got to 42nd street and got off the subway and made our way up to Times Square. It was unlike anything I had ever seen before. So many people. So many buildings. It was amazing. Nate and I bought the classic "I <3 NY" shirt for only $3!  We walked around just soaking it all in for a while, before we set off on our plans for the day.

Our first goal, was to go to Mood (the fabric store that stars in Project Runway) and meet Swatch, the resident live-in dog. We walked all around, trying to find Mood.  We had the address, and knew it was on the 3rd floor of the building it was in, but couldn't find it.  We must have walked past the building about twice before finally realizing it was the right building.  We went in a went up the elevator (which was an old-school elevator with the self closing door and an elevator man who pulled the lever to go either up or down. We walked into Mood, and my first thought was "This is smaller than I thought-- Where's Swatch?"  From the TV show, Mood looks HUGE and confusing.  It was a bit confusing, but was smaller that I thought it'd be.  Chelsea and I searched all three floors for Swatch, but no luck.  Chelsea than asked a worker where Swatch was, and we were informed that Swatch doesn't work on the weekends, but he would be there Monday wagging his tail waiting for us. Add that to the list of things to do on Monday...

After Mood, we were starving so we were on the search for food.  Nate and I had Subway, and Chelsea, since Subway had no pizza dough left, ate at Cosi.

After eating, we went to the huge 3 floor Toys 'r Us and basically got lost. Chelsea and I went to the Barbie house and performed a OMBRE-HUNT. Ombre is this ridiculously fabulous hair trend right now. We stood on the balcony of the Barbie house and just stared at people's heads.  Nate got fed up and just left, so we followed him out.

Next, we went to H&M where Nate bought a few items while I played dress up.  I tried on a sweater and this weird neck warming item. It was like a turtleneck sweater minus the sweater part.  Walking out, I heard this hipster black girl saying, "H&M is cool and all, but I can't buy the stuff here.  It is so cheap that everyone has the same things." Idiot.

Next, we went to Serendipity to buy the infamous frozen hot chocolate, but then decided waiting for 2 hours for a frozen treat was ridiculous and left.

We took the subway to where the Plaza hotel was, so Nate could get a picture for Amy.  In that area, we went to FAO Schwarz, the HUGE toystore.  We played around in there a bit, got a picture in this mirror box thing, and went to see the giant piano, made famous in BIG, but there was an outrageous line to play on it, so I just took a picture and went on our way.  Also at FAO Schwarz, we found this picture of a horse on the wall.  Chelsea and I needed to take a picture with it.  The reasoning behind that, is explained in this post by Chelsea. Basically, we are pretty fond of Taris and horse heads remind us of the wonderful man.

After we left that area, we walked towards the Empire State Building, which was supposed to be lit up pink in support of breast cancer awareness, but it wasn't.  We then walked back to Times Square to just sit down and relax.  On the way, we found a Jamba Juice, which Chelsea insisted we needed to go to because they were that good.  Well, we walked up to the store and it was closed.  What kind of store in NYC closes at 7 on a Saturday night? We were pretty upset. In lieu of Jamba Juice, when we got to Times Square, we bought freshly made juice from a vendor in the street.  It was very good, probably because it was made from fresh fruit and a blender.  Delicious.  With our drinks in hand, we sat and just watched the lights of Times Square. We needed a picture in Times Square at night, and it feels so awkward just asking random people, so when this assumed bum came up to us to ask for money, after Chelsea and Nate gave him some spare change, Chelsea asked if he would take a picture of us.  When we handed him our camera, he at first turned and did this shuffle thing, pretending like he was going to run away, but then turned back around and laughed.  He fumbled with the camera for a good few minutes before finally taking the picture.

After finally getting a picture, we were on our way back the apartment to get some sleep for the HUGE excitement the next day. Our apartment was in East Harlem and we were sorta freaking out.  It was dark and there were hooligan children playing in White Playground.  Scary hooligans.  So we ran past them and ran into the apartment.  Chelsea and I stayed up for a bit watching Fear Factor, but Nate was passed out in a few minutes.  I was photoshopping some pictures, and when I was done, I went to show Chelsea, but she was sleeping.  So I was just laying there watching TV and a commercial for a scary movie came on.  During the commercial Chelsea sprung up and said something, and she basically scared the crap out of me.  We had a good laugh about that and finally both went to sleep.

That was day 1 of 3. Pretty fun, no?

To see pictures of Day 1, click here. Blogspot isn't letting me upload photos right now, so that is why there is a lack of photos in this post.

Also, go read Chelsea's and Nathan's blog for another point of view of the trip!

Friday, October 15, 2010

You've Got Something Brown On Your Nose...

You all know people just like this.

The kind of person I am talking about is the one (or more) person(s) in the classroom that live to please the teacher. No one is more annoying in a classroom than the person who is always raising their hand with enthusiasm to answer every question.  They always seem to be paying attention, even during the most dull lectures, and they even make small talk with the professor/GSI.

There is one in my french class. She annoys me real bad.  First off, in my French class, we have really small seats and they are all crammed next to eachother, since the room is small itself.  Also there are limited seats  in the room, so the people who get to class last sit towards the front corner of the room, where it is nearly impossible to see the overhead projector.  So this girl, who looks like an owl, gets to class FIRST, and sits in the prime seat, like in the middle of the room, then she places her backpack on one seat next to her and her books on the other seat. It just really annoys me because then some people get crap seats all because she is greedy.  Anytime the teacher asks a question, not only does she raise her hand but she does the seat dance, where you kind of hop while sitting, as if she is trying to boost her hand even higher. I'm pretty sure I've heard some "Oo, Oo"s coming from her area before. Whenever the teacher asks the whole class a question (when raising your hand isn't needed) she always is the most audible, and if she ever gives the wrong answer, she makes sure she lets the class know that she "really just misunderstood the question"......... right. [/endsarcasm]. This is legit what she looks like 90% of the time during class.

Moving on to my bio lab.  Yesterday we had to give presentations on the lab we've been doing for the past three weeks.  There was this one girl who seriously talked for about 20 minutes, when they were supposed to be only 10 minutes long. The way she was speaking the to class really irked me too.  She was talking like we were elementary school kids.  She was explaining that one of her readings from the spectrophotometer was off, but the reason was because her liquid had a precipitate it in. I know what a precipitate is, and I'm pretty sure at least 90% of the other people in the class know what a precipitate is as well. But for the few who didn't know, she described it exactly how it is. A solid in the predominately liquid solution that is floating around.  That isn't the bad part.  After explaining that, she said "Oh, I know it must be hard for you to picture." And DREW IT ON THE BOARD. Who doesn't understand what solid in liquid means?  Come on! And later she did a math problem ON THE BOARD that consisted of first subtracting two numbers and then dividing the solution by one.  SO FRUSTRATING. I do not like being talked to like I'm 12.  Her presentation was not even good, though.  She kept having to go back and forth between slides because she kept forgetting to say things she was supposed to. At the end, she said "Oh, yeah. I forgot to tell you what my prediction was... So here it is!" after it was basically over... Give me a break!
Then, what makes her even worse, whenever the GSI would give feedback to her or other people, she would nod her head and basically repeat exactly what our GSI said back to him. She did that at least 10 times and it got more annoying each time.
An example of small talk with a GSI: This same girl, who Corine Eastman nicknamed Indian Oompa Loompa, was wearing a Lady Gaga shirt today.  The GSI mistakenly mentioned it, and she started talking and would. not. shut. up.  She was talking about Gaga's last concert in Detroit.  She said she paid $90 to sit right next to/behind the stage and only actually saw Gaga through her backup dancers about 5 times the whole concert.  She said she had to watch the screen the whole time, but she still enjoyed herself, but she would NEVER pay $300 to sit where you could actually see her. Well guess what B? I paid $125 the day of the concert and had EXCELLENT seats, so stop your bitchin'!
Ugh, people (like her) aggravate me!

Here is the Indian Oompa Loompa doing what she does best.  Funny tid bit, after I drew this and showed it to Corine, she said "Now you have to color her purple!" I was confused so I asked her why, and she replied "Because she is an Oompa Loompa LAWLZ."  But then I shattered Corine's world and I told her that Oompa Loompas were orange with green hair. No purple involved. (If you look hard enough at the photo, you can slightly see words in the background. That is because I doodled on the back of a handout and my scanner made the front semi-visible.)

PS. Something else that was funny from lab...  After we finished doing this really easy preparation for our lab next week, we are all sitting around waiting for people to be ready with their presentations when our GSI said, "Oh. Looks like the class across the hall is wearing gloves for this lab.  That makes since, considering we were dealing directly with E. COLI. (about 45 second pause) Maybe we should all wash our hands?"

Thursday, October 14, 2010

An Excellent Day at School

Yesterday, Chelsea Kirchoff posted about the movie, One Week. So of course I had to watch it, and if her gushing over the movie didn't convince you to watch it, then let me try to convince you. IT IS SO GOOD! GO WATCH IT NOW! Did that work?  It is such a good "thinker" movie.  I mean, what would you do if you only had a week to live?  I will be composing a list of things I would do, which I'll be providing in a future post. It's not going to be a bucket list, per say, but more of a reckless list. Like I said, it will be coming soon!

Also, yesterday was a great day at school for me. It started when I woke up, I was feeling sick about my Français exam at 12. I was feeling very unprepared, so I decided to stay home from my Bio class (from 10-11) so I could study even more. I went over the Subjontif and how it changes verbs, blah blah blah. Then at the very bottom of the outline was some advice that I had been ignoring since I got the outline last week.  It told us that we would be writing 2 paragraphs about 2 different things we've learned so far in the semester and our teacher would be giving us a short list of things and we chose the 2 topics we wanted to write about. The outline said that we should practice writing paragraphs about different things we've learned this semester so we'd be prepared.  Write. Paragraphs. Outside. Of. Class? No thanks. BUT, I decided, why the heck not, maybe it will actually prepare me. I wrote about le STO and Les Femmes Tondues because I actually knew about those two topics.  I was able to use my French-English dictionary (aka Google Translate) to translate some key words.  12 o' clock ticks around and it's time for the exam.  As I'm taking the test, I'm feeling really good about the Subjontif part of the exam, and here then... here comes the essay part of the exam.  She starts writing the 4 options we have to write about:

     1. Les femmes de resistance (Lucie, Olga, ou Genvieve)
Crap. I was sick the day the class went over that.

     2. Vichy, France et Pétain
Dude, that was like during the beginning of September.

... Now I am really panicking...

     3. Le STO ou the travailleurs de STO

     4. Les femmes tondues.
Thank the Lord!
Done and done!

With that horrifyingly not-so-bad Français exam out of the way, I was dreading that I would have to finish a project proposal for my IGR class in an hour. It wouldn't have been so bad if I hadn't written one of the two required pages the night before and had been counting on my other two group members to contribute.  Then when I plopped down into a comfy chair to get typing away, I first checked my email, and BAM! One of my group members had emailed me a completed project proposal! I was so happy. I just needed to tweek a few things and print it off! So during the hour break I had, I watched some of One Week.

Made my way over to Angell Hall for my women studies lecture. An hour of pure torture. The night before I read some of the required reading; an article in which some broad analyzed Gretchen Wilson's "Redneck Woman." It felt like someone had to make a 20 page limit, and they stretched the comparisons to make the limit.  It could have been reduced to a 5 page really interesting article, but it contained SO MUCH FILLER. It was terrible. Time for the lecture and HEY, we have a guest lecturer. Guess who the guest lecturer was? That page-filling-Gretchen-Wilson-analyzing-horrible-article-writting lady! May I repeat, an hour of pure torture!  So I decided during this lecture would be the perfect time to go to the bathroom.  So, I exited out the back to go to the bathroom. Then, when finished using the facilities, I DID NOT want to go back to that lecture. I stumbled upon a computer and figured I needed to print that project proposal from IGR, and why not do it now. I printed the paper and continued to wander the halls. While roaming, I came across a table promoting the newly formed Michigan Quidditch team! Finally, after about 20 minutes total, I returned to the lecture hall. It was like skipping class during high school all over again.

Next up was IGR. This is most definitely my favorite class of this semester, probably of my whole time at UM. It is a dialogue class that only has about 13 students and 2 facilitators (who are also undergrad students).  Our dialogue section theme is socioeconomic status, which to be honest, I never thought about. This class has opened my mind about this subject, and I LOVE it. I love everyone that is in my group, there are so many different personalities but we all mesh so well! My two facilitators, Katie and Chris, are the best I could ask for! Chris legit makes this class so much fun! I couldn't imagine for anything better!  Yesterday's class was the best yet! I went in being in a very good mood, which is great because then I'm in the mood to talk! We started with an ice breaker called "I Can Relate" and it is when one person says something and whoever can relate says "I can relate."  That person then stands up and links arm with the first person.  Then they say something and another person will link arms with them. It goes until it makes a full circle.  I related to "Going out of town this weekend!" NEW YORK, BABY! The rest of the two hour class flew by. We ended up splitting up into two groups, the more privileged, higher-SES "agents," and the less privileged, lower-SES "targets." I went with the agents group based on my privilege growing up, not because of the amount of money my family makes.  And also because Chris was the leader of the "agents" group.

After IGR, I had an hour break before Women Studies discussion. I watched some more of One Week. But for real, the reason I knew it was going to be a GREAT day when I first woke up was because that morning..., I checked my UM email and my Women Studies professor emailed all the students the pop quiz that was planned to be given out later that day, along with the answer key. Whoops...  So looks like we weren't having that pop quiz this week! Discussion was cut short, since my GSI (Graduate Student Instructor) didn't have time to plan things to take up the time the quiz would have.

That was my excellent day of schooling! I hope you made it through this super long post without falling asleep halfway through!

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

What Are You Going to be for Halloween?

I have no idea what I'm going to be this year.
I've been a pirate for the past couple of years, but I think I improved the costume as the years passed.
I think I improved from the left to the right, no?
And if you are wondering who that sexy bunny that I'm posing with, it's another one of my good friends, Amy.

I had a few valid reasons for being a repeat offender though.
1. The pirate puffy shirt I bought was real expensive, so I've got to stretch that dollar and make it worth the money.
2. I love planning things to be, but when it comes down to it, I don't have the money to materialize my ideas.
3. I'm sort of lazy and my pirate costume is waiting faithfully in my basement for it's yearly frolic.

But this year, Chelsea Kirchoff is telling me that I can't be a pirate again. She is just the thing I need to push me to become something bigger and better. But what that bigger and better thing is, I have no idea.

There are some real good tutorials on youtube to make some AWESOME costumes, so maybe if I can gather the proper supplies, I will do something grandeur. Check out Petrilude here to watch some of his  aforementioned AWESOME tutorials. 

Long story short, I need your help! Drop me a comment to help me decide what to be this year!

Also, I found a pretty humorous website that worries me about the incompetence level of humanity. It shows some of the more ridiculous Yahoo! Answers.  Check out the hilarious stupidity here.

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Graveyard Hunting and the Incredible Machine

On Friday night, Chelsea and Betsy came over to my house to hang out. I was actually scheming all day to make the two of them finally meet.  I invited them both over to my house without telling the other one that I invited the other. That sounds really confusing, but I don't know of any other way to word it. You always see this in movies, when one person tries to mend a fight, but that wasn't the case at all.  They had never met yet, and it was about time two very important females in my life met each other.

So we are all sitting at my house watching Are You Afraid of the Dark? and Nathan was sleeping on the couch. It was then that 1) We were so bored we decided to be reckless, or 2) Judy (a witch I once met) got into our minds and made us be reckless.  I'm going to go with the second option. I'll explain my choice as we go on.  We woke Nate up and told him to get into Betsy's car; we were going for a fun ride... to a (little did he know) GRAVEYARD.

Betsy drove to this really spooky small graveyard.  As we were pulling up to it, A BLACK CAT crosses the street right in front of the car, but that didn't stop us!  This is why I'm thinking Judy was in our heads. It was her black cat that she unleashed to give us a warning of what was to come, but we couldn't turn back. We were semi-possessed. Betsy parked the car and turned of the lights.  We are all pretty scared, but Nate was hiding under a hoodie on the floor in the backseat. You can read here for his recount of what happened.  Judy must have twitched her nose, because then Chelsea, Betsy and I got out of her car to walk around! In a CEMETERY! We walked around the path for cars for a bit before we decided to speed it up a bit and walk quickly back to the car.  There was a hill at the cemetery, and we don't know if it were our eyes playing tricks on us, or if there was a tall lurking figure at the top of the hill.  For a millisecond, I was about to check it out, but Chelsea snapped me out of it.  It was probably Judy trancing me, trying to make me walk to the top of the hill where Zombie Bob Barker would eat my brains.

Fortunately, we made it back to Betsy's car safe and we started to drive the heck out of there.  As we were crossing railroad tracks, we noticed a black girl walking wearing a hoodie, with the hood on.  It was really dark out, but from the light of her cell phone which was illuminating her face (or lack-there-of) we saw it was a DEMON! We screamed and she looked at us with her hollow eye sockets. Lucky for us, we were in a car and could drive off to safety.

Driving home, we thought it would be a good idea to go to Eloise. I have no idea why, we must have not shaken completely loose of Judy's clutch yet.  For those of you who don't know, Eloise is an ex-insane asylum.  The front building is still open as a city building, but the back building is abandoned and looks real spooky, with broken windows and crazy people's ghost staring out into the night. For more information about the haunted-ness of Eloise, click here.  We must have finally got our senses back, because we did not get out of the car while we were there.

After all of our haunted galavanting, we were drained of both energy and liquids, so we wanted to stop at a Dunkin' Donuts to replenish both.  Chelsea and I were both dying of laughter at DD, because the one man working there was totally judging a girl who was ordering.  He was staring down at her obviously pregnant belly with judgements beaming out of his eyes. We were hysterical.

Sugarland's yet-to-be-released album The Incredible Machine leaked, so I am listening to that as I type this post.  It is very different from their last album.  Bigger industrial beats, and it seems that they've deviated from the more country sounds to a pop/rock/country genre.  It's unlike anything I've heard before, but that's a good thing.  It's not as fun as their last album, but I'm sure it will grow on me more and will become a favorite.

PS. Thanks for reading this über long post, you sexy literate, you!

Monday, October 11, 2010

Parlez-vous français?

I spent all day Sunday writing my french paper. I bet if I didn't start Saturday evening then I wouldn't be so stressed over finishing it.  Funny thing is, at the bottom of the outline for the paper, it says "N'attendez pas le week-end pour commencer." Which translates to, if you haven't managed to guess, "Do not wait until the weekend to start."

Hmmm... Probably would have been good advice, if I had chosen to listen.

One reason my french paper was so hard to write is because X Factor was on this past weekend.
(Oh no, he's talking about X Factor again?!)(Yes I am!)
It was the first live show, and there were some brilliant performances! Here are the best of the best:
Aiden Grimshaw - Mad World
Mary Byrne - This Is A Man's World
Cher Lloyd - Just Be Good To Me

I was very excited because one of my favorites (see this post), Katie didn't get voted off, despite most of UK hating on her. But what are you going to do? Haters gonna hate. Katie was in the bottom three, but the judges decided to save her and send a terrible boy band home. Good choice judges!

Now that I got X Factor out of my system, on to some pretty awesome news.  NEW YORK CITY in FOUR DAYS! I am ruhl excited and am hoping that this week zooms by.  In fact, I am so excited, my face pretty much looks like this...

(Click the picture if you want to die of laughter.)