Monday, October 27, 2014

Sleep No More

Sleep No More is an immersive, interactive off-broadway production in New York City.
You arrive at the McKittrick Hotel and are transported back to the 1940s and are given a playing card and a mask. You are required to wear the mask throughout the evening and cannot speak for the entirety of the night. During the 3 hour production, you wander through 6 floors of elaborately designed rooms and environments and try to do as much as you can. You can follow the actors from room to room who have interactions with both other actors and your fellow masked voyeurs. You want to see as much action as you can to piece together the story they are telling. Words can not do this event justice. It was definitely one of the most exciting and unforgettable things I've ever done. 
Check out progress shots of making this piece below!

If you want to read about my and Chelsea's experience with Sleep No More when we went for her golden birthday in 2012, check out her blog post here!

As for the process, I started with a sketch of the mask which I uploaded into Photoshop. I used my sketch as reference for placing shadows and highlights on the mask, then I removed the pencil lines from the image. Next, I created the playing card (one of the only places where you'll find a number 13 playing card!) and propped it up against the mask! Et voila!


Chelsea Kirchoff said...
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Chelsea Kirchoff said...

Remember how scared I was at first during Sleep No More and we legitimately ran around holding hands?

Remember how I made a cheat sheet with what was on every floor to effectively maximize our time and my money?

Remember how I ate the treats in the shoppe even though they said not to on all those forums? And I ate it like an animal?

Remember how we went to that secret room and had a conversation in hushed whispers so they wouldn't kick us out?

Remember how they said you had to be SUPER FIT to run up and down the stairs and keep up with the actors and at the time I was more ROTUND, but still did it?

You captured the complete essence and mystery that is Sleep No More with this simple illustration and it takes me back and makes me nostalgic.

Thank you for that.

Amazing job, Matt Benyo.

Matt Benyo said...

Ur wlcm.