Friday, October 31, 2014

Happy Halloween!

This is Tate, played be Evan Peters, from American Horror Story. Only thought it appropriate to end the month with how it started. Check out my thoughts on the month challenge and my process of drawing him below!

What a month! 31 days ago, I thought I'd give the Drawlloween Drawing Challenge a go, but was very pessimistic about it all. I didn't think I'd be inspired to draw something each day, didn't think I'd like what I was able to put out each day, and I just didn't know if I could work on something each day. Boy, oh boy, did I prove myself wrong. I worked almost every day either drawing, painting, or digitally working with vectors/cutouts/textures. I found inspiration in great exciting things, like classic horror movies and stories or American Horror Story seasons, all of which were binge watched as preparation, which really helped my enthusiasm for the project. There were many times that I surprised myself with what I was capable of making, which in itself pushed me to work harder on the next project. I had a lot of fun doing this, so much so that I want to continue pumping out some art, but now I just have to shift my inspiration to something that isn't Halloween (or not; probably not). I hope you had fun on this journey with me and I hope you enjoyed some spooky art.

On the real, though, I need to thank Chelsea. She was my biggest cheerleader and supporter during this entire month. She bounced around ideas, critiqued my work during the process to help me improve, and shared my work with her friends to help me find a supportive crowd. It also made it so such better having a fellow artist to draw and be creative all month along side me. Not everyone could sit in one spot for five hours working on a piece with idle chit chat, but together it was great. 

Thank you, everyone, once again for your clicks, likes, comments, and support. It was a killer time. Now let's go veg out on some Halloween candy.

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Chelsea Kirchoff said...

What a lovely thing to say about me, Matt Benyo. My heart is all aflutter at your words.

Teamwork makes the dream work, you know? I stand by that. I think together, we are completely unstoppable. Maybe that's naive or maybe I'm a genius and it's true.

You are capable of so, so much, Matt Benyo. Maybe you don't realize this, but I told you, there's something wrong with you. However, I mean that in the best way. Believe in yourself and you will move mountains. MOUNTAINS! This is no exaggeration. I've never met someone that has so much potential as yourself.

So, let's move to California already and become full time illustrators.

I love this piece. I love that you chose to do this challenge. I love everything.

You're the best.