Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Thank you Chris Moore.

Yesterday I became the pround owner of a brand new (used) car! When I started my car hunt, the first car I saw online that interested me was a bright blue Aveo. I went to test drive it, and at the dealership Chris Moore told me about this lonely Elantra that's been sitting next to the blue Aveo for quite some time. He was telling me how its original owner was an older woman who stopped driving it as soon as her husband passed and started using his car. It sat in her garage for a while before she finally sold it. I've always heard that you should aim to get and ex-old person's car since they take great care of them. I decided to take it for a spin and I really really liked it. You can't stop at your first crush though, you need to keep looking to see if its the one. I looked at a few other cars including some Ford Focuses and a couple other fuel efficient cars.

Let me tell you about one experience with a Ford Focus I found. Well, first warning sign, it was a 2010 with about 35-40 thousand miles that only cost $9000. Then when my dad and I got to where it was located (Star Auto Group in Melvindale) we walked around the tiny lot and found the car. We were looking through its windows when the owner of the lot came walking out towards us speaking Arabic into his phone and taking breaks in between is long winding Arabic convo to answer some questions. Warning sign number 2? He barely spoke English. We'll test drive it though. What if this is a hidden gem? It wasn't. As we pulled off the lot the low gas light lit up. Guess we can't drive it too much. Then I look up and notice the dome light looked odd. I push up on it to test the lights and it fell out of the ceiling! Danger sign 3: the car is falling apart from the inside out. After the brief attempt at a test drive, we walk into the building and find Chatty Cathy. He tells us about how the car is in such great shape, etc, and when I ask for a car history report, he ignores my request and hands me the title of the car and says its like brand new, never been in an accident, yadda yadda. We finally get the car history report and what does it say? Structural damage which could lead to frame instability. Goodbye Cathy.

Then I checked out Quincy and her Fiesta, which, as you know, I did not care for.

It all led me back to the Elantra.

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Chelsea Kirchoff said...

Everything happens for a reason. Good thing you got away from Cathy and Quincy. I want to see this car in person. When are we hanging out?!