Monday, September 5, 2011

Smells like fall.

Today was my last day of freedom. And clearly Mother Nature wanted to make damn sure I knew summer is over, so she turned down her thermostat and made me pull out a hoodie and jeans. She also swapped the pleasant summer smell for that crisp autumn air freshener. It sucks to admit summer is gone, but the smell in the air makes the anticipation for cider mills and Halloween bubble up. Listen to me whining about the "cold" weather when its probably going to be in the upper 80s later this week. I can't help it. I'm a summer baby.

I am continuing my hunt for a car, which I am starting to think is harder than hunting for Grumps. I went out to Birmingham today to test drive a Ford Fiesta, which I am surprised I wasn't crazy about. It drove a little clunky, and it was missing my beloved cruise control (and my even more beloved USB port). The owner brought her giant horse of a dog with her for "safety". The dog was big (being a Russian Terrier) but the pony tail in her hair definitely slammed the brakes on the intimidation factor. In all honesty though, I was more interested in Quincy than I was the Fiesta.

One of the best things about Nate's house in Royal Oak is the emphasis put on desert. It's thought of before dinner even enters the foyer of the mind. Today, the wondrous idea of homemade ice cream cookies came about. Nate and Pat made some kind of wonderful oatmeal raisin chocolate coconut giant cookies and we then put a block of butter pecan ice cream in between two cookies and enveloped our taste buds in something that would make the Norse Gods think mead tasted like merde pies.

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pat said...

it "enveloped" your taste buds? How do you pronounce that? lol

Chelsea Kirchoff said...

You are a summer baby, but with fall comes some really great things and I am so excited for them. It's gonna be a good fall!

I can't read your posts and not laugh.



JESUS CHRIST. I just looked up that Russian Terrier breed and WHY IS IT SO LARGE? It doesn't look bigger than BM, but it looks like Sasquatch or a dog in a gorilla suit. SHE BROUGHT THAT IN HER FIESTA?! How did she fit it in her car?!

The way you word things is insane in the best way possible. The norse gods part had my jaw dropping. Why aren't you writing for news papers?

I like your hand drawings.

Gimme one of them cookies.