Monday, September 12, 2011

I'm With You

Due to some random youtubing, I found myself watching Avril Lavigne's new music video for "Wish You Were Here." That video was a part of an automatic playlist and the next video that started playing was from her Live AOL sessions.

I never thought Avril Lavigne was able to sing that well live, but I was really impressed with her during these videos. So much so that I pulled out my sketchbook. I found a picture that I liked and sketched it out, and while the final outcome doesn't look too much like Avril, I think the resemblance is there.  The more draw and the more practice I get, the more my portraits will look like they are intended to look. So, looks like more practice for me!

And here are a couple of those videos from her AOL Sessions that inspired my Avril mood.

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Chelsea Kirchoff said...

Whoa. I thought you drew this on the computer? I don't know why, but it looks like you drew it with a tablet on photoshop.

There's definitely a resemblance, but I think you made the face/nose too long, but the eyes. Oh my GOD. I went to school with this one girl and she had the ability to draw eyes and make them seem so life-like and sparkle and YOU, my friend, are the second person to have done this. I'm not sure if you realize how well you draw eyes. Just cover up the nose and mouth and look at the eyes/eyebrows; they're amazing.

Good job. Good sketch.
Keep drawing!

Also, nice job on updating.

Her singing live is pretty good, but I'm not digging that green in her hair.