Monday, March 28, 2011

Blast From the Past: August 30, 31 2009

I recently looked at my old journal I kept on my computer, looking for a reason as to why I started watching Buffy, since I have no clue what sparked my interest. Unfortunately, I couldn't find a reason, but I did some reading from when I first started and these two entries cracked me up!

August 30, 2009.

So it was a crazy day in Royal Oak. I really hope the four of us, being Amy, Betsy, Nathan, and I, get an apartment together! So much funny crap happens between us.

We went to order pizza from Green Lantern, the BEST pizza ever, and we are arguing what to put on it since we had a coupon for and XL pizza with two toppings and Nathan wanted a veg and Betsy wanted more meat.  That problem solved itself when we called and the guy said that the coupon isn’t valid anymore, but we’d get the same price for the same stuff if it was only a one topping pizza, so there you go. Then when Nathan is ordering it, the guy asks if we want round or square, and Betsy, who is taking a dump, swings open the bathroom door and says “No, no, no, no, no, we are NOT getting a square pizza.” And then we all crack up. 

While Betsy is on the toilet she runs out of toilet paper, so she asks for more, so I went to look and every time you opened the closet in the hallway, it would open the door to the bathroom, since they are connected. So she kept yelling asking us why were opening the door. Nathan eventually found some more toilet paper being stored downstairs for emergencies.

We go to pick up the pizza and Betsy and Nathan went in to get it, and since Nathan put the child lock on when we went to Wallmart the other day, he had to open the door for Betsy, and Amy was saying “Aw, it probably looks so nice that he’s opening the door for her,” and then you hear Betsy saying “Kiss my ass,” and the guy in the car next to them was giving them the strangest look. And then when they went inside, Nathan plopped down on the bench, not leaving Betsy any room to sit down, and must have said something smart, because Betsy smacked him upside his head.

Then we went home and had an amazing meal, and somehow Amy, Betsy, and I started talking about wrestling, which went out for hours. We talked about Lita and Stone Cold, and old matches and everything. We only stopped because Kourtney and Khloe take Miami came on so we went and watched that.  Then we went out and had a bonfire, or... attempted to have a bonfire.  The big log in the bowl would NOT catch on fire, probably because we were smothering the fire with all the paper that we were burning. But oh well.  We were having fun just sitting out there talking. Then when we gave up trying to light the fire, we went inside and went to bed, but while we were laying there we were playing “Guess the WWE theme song,” which was fun, expect for Nathan since he never watched wrestling.

August 31, 2009.

So, today Nathan woke up before Amy, Betsy, and I of coarse, and then he came in to wake us up and did so by playing “Best of Both Worlds” and smacking Amy and Betsy’s ass.  What a great wake up, haha.  For some reason he let me sleep for another half an hour, and thats what is so great about him! 

When I finally got up, I went out to the living room and ate some grapes and strawberries and watched Ellen with Amy and Betsy.  Nathan was giving himself a haircut, which turned out--- ehhh....  He went to trim around his ears and cut off his sideburns completely, right up to his ear.  It looked so goofy, so then, so he wouldn’t have such a big contrast with the rest of his hair, he shaved the rest of his head really short. Now you can’t really tell he botched it.  In fact, he looks really cute with this short hair! :)

Back to the living room, Amy was talking about if we all went by our middle names, we would sound like old people. With the names Allen, Jeffery, Grace, and Ann, I think she’s right!  Then The View came on and Betsy wanted the change the channel because she didn’t want to listen to those “cackling hens!” Haha!

On the way home, we went to Krispy Kream donuts and we ordered three and the lady gave us 6, for the price of 3! How awesome! We also went to Staples for the "penny sale," which must have ended since there was nothing for a penny!

I went shopping for stuff for school today with my mom and grandma. I ended up spending $129! That’s for school supplies the notebooks and pens and it’s also for personal care stuff, like shampoo and toothpaste, etc. Not bad.

College in 3 days. :’(
How fucking depressing.


Amy, Betsy, remember at Bets' house the other night when we were talking about wrestling again, and we mentioned how every 6 months or so we somehow end up talking about "the good 'ol days"? Here it was!! Haha.

Also, Nate, this was when Amy and Betsy spent the night, and the night Amy threw Charlie across your room, so this is the solidifying proof that Charlie was NOT left at Michigan Adventure! Therefore, something must have happened at your house!

I love reading old posts about our shenanigans! So funny!


Nate Bou said...

yup! I just posted a commented on FB about this before I even read it lol

Chelsea Kirchoff said...

Betsy is so sassy. It seems like no matter who you're right or where you're at, you're having a good time.


Kim Raley said...

This post had me cracking up. I used to keep a journal too! but it was in a notebook. I'll have to find it and post some on my blog.

I'm SO glad I got a chance to see you all (with the exception of Chelsea ) I missed you so much & I had a blast!

Betsy said...

This was such a lovely time! I remember this day very much but to be honest I don't remember eating the pizza! haha. But Green Lantern Pizza is amazing!