Thursday, February 3, 2011

When Snowmen Attack

A slew of snowmen stampeded the Diag today. They were protesting against global warming.

In other, Abercrombie, news...
I was called in last night, since NONE of my lovely co-workers decided to come in. The only model that worked yesterday was there from 9 to 7 since no one came to work.
I scrunched the sleeves in W1 and my head manager walked in a screamed "FUCK YES. Matt, I fucking love you. The scrunching looks amazing."
It made me smile big.
Then, she asked, well kind of told me, to come in tomorrow morning even though I'm not scheduled, because two district managers are coming in. I was flattered, so I of couse said yes.
Also, I was asked to be in our store picture with other hand-picked employees. I'm not quite sure why we are getting a store picture, but I was flattered to be picked.

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Chelsea Kirchoff said...

Man, all the best stuff happens at the Diag. Remember the FREEZE? That'd be fitting right meow since it's so cold.

Congrats on the scrunching! Was it Danielle that complimented you? She loves you. Good luck with the district managers! Blow them away! Also, maybe you being hand picked is so they can evaluate the models that they're gonna use in their ads. Maybe they'll pick you. That'd be so cool.