Friday, February 4, 2011

More Abercrombie Adventures!

Yesterday morning, I went into work when I wasn't scheduled to help out my manager since some big guns were coming to grade the store.

So I got up earlier than I do for any of my classes and drove to work in a frozen car. Good thing about working in the morning is that there is always great parking available!

So I walk into the mall and see my manager and co-worker walking around. They were going to Starbucks and invited me for the walk. I joined them, and I'm glad I did, because my manager bought me a drink of my choice for coming into work just to help her! My drink of choice was a green tea soy frapp. It was delish.

Drink in hand, with about half an hour to open, I began mopping the men's side of the store. Then a girl from Hollister came and asked if I would help take out their trash, since she's never done it.  I've only done it once, so I told her if she helps me, I'll help her.  We got our LOADS of trash and took it to the back dumpsters. Unfortunately they were PACKED. Packed to the point where we could not fit anything into them. We still tried and broke down the cardboard boxes and just shoved it in. Then a guy came out to try to help us shove it in, but told us we should just try later after they've been emptied. Too bad we didn't have all day. So after he left, we shoved more in. THEN, some black woman came out the door and started SCREAMING at us for taking her big garbage bin that we used to wheel our trash out. We apologized, and I explained I was (wrongly) told the only other time I took out the trash that we could use it. She then put on a smile and just asked us to put it back when we were done. By the time we finished JAMMING all the trash/cardboard into the dumpsters it was 10:05.  Mall opens at 10, so we figured we better wait to take out Hollisters trash and just get back to work.  So we walked thru the mall to Hollister and the manager was waiting on the stoop. She then began to yell at us for being late. She was yelling at ME for keeping her employee. She said I ought to know that she needed to get back to the store by 10 so she can be in Women's 1 (since a model should always be in women's one.) She then continued to be a complete rude bitch and told me to bring them "their" dolly. First off bitch, you need to back off. I don't work for you, I was doing you and your store a favor. Second, its not your dolly, it's Abercrombies, so if we still need it, we'll use it.  Now, I didn't exactly say it to her like that, but I was polite and left.

I got back to AnF and told my manager about that confrontation.  She told me not to worry about it, and she is just mean and rude all the time. So I took her advice, delivered the dolly with a smile on my face. When I got back the AnF my manager was yelling at someone on the phone. Turns out she reamed that bitch a new one. Good. God, I love my manager.

Tidied up the store, then I was brought the steamer to steam some boxers. My co-worker filled up the steamer and brought it up to women's one for me.  My manager told me to turn it out to let it pre-heat and when the red light went off, turn the switch to steam and come find her.  So it was pre-heating for about 10 minutes, then the light went off, so I switched it to steam and went and got my manager.  When we got back, it wasn't steaming, which she said was weird and to just wait a few more minutes.  As I was waiting I heard these gurgling noises, so I turned around to look at it, and it started spewing water everywhere. Like projectile vomiting water. I couldn't help but laugh, because the water would come out in spurts and just shoot all over the floor. It shot water all over the new huge pictures we have on the wall, which I found hilarious, because they are beach photos, and the people in them are wet, and then the picture itself was wet.  I thought to myself, 'How fun. Now they are basically 4D pictures!'  I unplugged the steamer from the wall and walky-ed my manager to come help.  We had a good laugh about it, then she became quite upset with my co-worker who filled it up WAY past the "do not fill past this line" line. We don't have any towels in the store, so I was brought some paper towels to sop it up. It was pretty funny. I'm glad the district manager didn't walk in to see that fiasco.

After cleaning up the water, it was time to jet from the store and to class. For only being at work for a little over three hours, it might have been the most eventful day I've had at Abercrombie!

Also, Chelsea Kirchoff has been non-stop talking about her BEST cut-out she's ever done. Go check it out!

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Chelsea Kirchoff said...

Everyone's always gotta be yellin about something. I'm glad your manager likes you so much she was sticking up for you! How exciting.

That is definitely worth having her email you the photo. That's awesome haha. I was laughing at the visual image I was making for myself about the steamer. Lots of napkins. When I first saw the image, I thought that was behind the counter at Starbucks LOLOLOLOL

Water on the pictures was a nice touch though.

Thanks for linking me!
You're an angel!

P.S. Your anf adventures are always hilarious.