Thursday, January 13, 2011

"Wow, our shoplifters are getting dumb!"

Last night at Abercrombie, I encountered some pretty stupid shoplifters.

We were moving the floor sets around, and my manager was moving winter coats from the first room to the second room.  There were six coats left in the front room, and she went to the back to get six hangers.  Then a group of six girls came into the store.  When my manager came back to the front, one of the coats was missing from the pile of coats she was moving. Maybe someone was going to buy it... no big deal.  Then she saw one of the girls was wearing the same style coat that she was moving.  That is when the person who was working in the first room told the manager that the girl wasn't wearing the coat when she walked in and she did in fact pick the coat up from the pile.  So naturally, my manager confronted her.  She simply asked her if she was interesting in buying the jacket, or if she would like a fitting room to try on other clothes.  The girl got in my managers face and replied with a ghetto tone, "I already paid two hundo for dis..."  That rightfully made my manager pissed, that the girl lied to her face, so she replied, "Oh, because I think that jacket was just in the pile over there that I was moving." She noticed the tags still on the jacket and asked if she could see it. The girl was giving her attitude and at first refused, but eventually handed the coat over.  Once it was in my manager's hands, the girl started walking towards the back of the store.  Odd thing to do if you just handed over your jacket, no?  Then my manager found the sensor in the pocket of the jacket. BUSTED.  The girl and her friends were then escorted out of the store.

Story number two.  I was folding down the store and found a hoodie wadded up thrown into the center of a table.  When I picked it up, a sensor fell out. It's not that unusual to find sensors hidden around the store, but the weird thing was, I felt the hoodie and discovered there was no sensor attached, but there was a hole where the sensor is usually attached.  So our thievin' Steven literally ripped the sensor out of the hoodie, and then decided not to take the damaged goods.

"Wow, our shoplifters are getting dumb!"
                               -- my manager


Chelsea Kirchoff said...

I'm surprised that black girl didn't hit your manager. Did she really think she was gonna put the jacket on and just walk out? I bet she looked stupid in front of her friends; unless they encouraged her.

Also, if I ripped a censor out, I'd just steal the hoodie. If I went to all that trouble, I'd get the goods. What's the point if you're not gonna go through it? STUPID.

Abercrombie has such a shoplifting problem.


As I previously stated, I love this illustration. You did a great job. You're a collage master!

Anonymous said...

i work Loss Prevention and have been doing it for about 7 years!! I have caught over 1000 shoplifters at a large retail store in oregon. people DO NOT care anymore, They will load carts full of whatever they want. either to Sell it to a fence, send it to Mexico, for them selves or whatever. Its really bad times, worse is that the mothers teach their children to steal,some even make the kids walk out with it so they get arrested instead!! maybe we should start cutting hands off for punishment?? Anyway on a real note, shoplifters are the worst!!