Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Little Things

This post is inspired by this girl and this tumblr.

There were so many little things I liked that there is a part two coming tomorrow!

I want to sum up my feelings for each "thing" in one word each.

111. Roasted.
98. Jammin'.
01. Happy.
169. Refreshing.
109. Memories.
95. Imagination.
77. Funniest.
57. Breath-taking.
74. Passion.
76. Delicious.
203. Luck.
90. Chezza.
71. Luck.
42. Peaceful.
182. Serene.
58. Scream.
170. Crunchy.
23. Eargasm.
37. Hilarious.
32. Chlorine.

1 comment:

Chelsea Kirchoff said...

THIS GIRL (you know, cause we don't actually know each other or something) is leaving a comment and saying that she's happy to have inspired you to do this. I'm really excited to see the one you're posting tomorrow!

I like the word association too! That's neat. I also really enjoy running through sprinklers in the summer.

ALSO, I came across the Nutella one and laughed because it made me think of you and Chan.

Butter is gross.