Friday, January 7, 2011

Jessie J

Jessie J is a new artist that I discovered recently. She is from Essex, England and it's evident that she hops out of bed and turns her swag on. She most recently won Critic's Choice Award at the Brit's 2011. Past artist who won that award, which in return boosted their career, are Adele and Florence + the Machine. Hopefully it does the same for Jessie.

I found out about Jessie because I found out she was the reason many UKers don't like Cher Lloyd. They claim Cher is a cheap rip off of Jessie.  I don't find much in common between the two. At all, really, besides they both rap and can sing. They are both talented in their own rights.

Jessie has something most popular artists don't today -- a great voice. I've become a fan pretty quickly, and am anxiously waiting for her debut CD.

Here she is singing Price Tag, one of her songs that I fell in love with on first listen. Check it out!


Chelsea Kirchoff said...

Why is everything so serious? I like this song!

THIS IS SO GOOD! You need to do more illustrator work, Matt. You're getting better with each one you do. I'm pumped for the next one.

Nice discovery on Jessie J as well!

Daniel said...

great sport