Thursday, January 6, 2011

If you're too school for cool.

I started classes yesterday.

First class of the day was philosophy. I really wanted to take a class with Nate, so I decided to take this one with him. Introduction to philosophy.  It's taught by Dustin, who is basically the male version of Pocahontas. The class seems okay. It was just an introduction to the introduction course, not bad. It was a whole lot of "How do we know that this desk is really here." and "It's raining, sunny, and hot outside. How can you say I'm wrong? Maybe you're wrong." Interesting...

He kind of looks like that, only with hair past his butt.  Side note, when I google imaged "native american male" I found a bunch of provocative photos with half naked buff young guys posing in their headdresses. Congrats Twilight, you made Native American Males into a fetish. 

Organic Chemistry is going to be a toughie. Fortunately, I've got the "best" teacher at UM for the course.  She was very excited and loves chemistry. Hopefully some of her enthusiasm rubs off on me.

Stats. I'm unsure how I feel about this class. My professor reminds me of Betsy's dad, and seemed humorous today. The subject doesn't seem that hard, yet I've heard that it's not an easy class -- that UM makes it harder than necessary. We'll see.

I've got Comm today, so we'll see how that goes.

Now. Here's a fact for you.
Books are RIDICULOUSLY expensive. OUTRAGEOUSLY expensive.
The total cost of all my books this semester is $300.


Affan Azami said...

thats a lot to spend for books.. anyhow, goodluck for this semester!

Matt Benyo said...


Chelsea Kirchoff said...

have fun in philosophy. that'll be a good time. just question everything and be a skeptic. that's a good time. those half naked photos make me feel uncomfortable.

good luck with orgo.

nice fact, btw. kind of an obvious one, but whatvz.

Anonymous said...

I know you like philosophy and all, but I would love to get you naked and do shot off a few places of your hot sexy self....mmmmmm yummy!! Please!!!