Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Hold It Against Me

If I said my heart was beating loud
If we could escape the crowd somehow
If I said I want your body now
Would you hold it against me?

This track is pure fire. In my opinion, progressive house and dub step are more than welcome in pop music.  Weirdly enough, ever since I've been working at Abercrombie I've been listening nonstop to house remixed music and this song is right up my street. I can not wait for her album to drop. 

This is just the thing to hold me over until we get Born This Way.


Hazim Musa said...

You should try to mash-up Britney, like you did with P!nk and adam!

Chelsea Kirchoff said...

Right up your street because you like it, Cheryl Cole, or because Abercrombie has you loving it? Maybe both. Remember how I guessed this is what you were going to post literally a minute before you did?

I listened to a bit more tonight though and I'm enjoying it. However, Jessie J beats Britney for me right now. I'm really enjoying JJ's voice.