Friday, January 14, 2011

Exactly One Year Ago

I officially fell in love with Lady Gaga.

One year ago today is when I got back from my second Monster Ball.

Before those two consecutive nights, I was already a huge fan.  I listened to and loved The Fame and The Fame Mons†er, but it was really feeling her passion and seeing her own the stage that made me the little monster I am today.

It was funny, because all day yesterday, I was listening to Gaga, and then while walking home from class I realized that last year, last night, she was singing to me!

Those were two of the best nights of my life (along with Pink in Chicago a few months prior, and the Lady again later in September).  There is just something about concerts. Something about the pounding rhythm and the pulsating lights, it's so fantastico.

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Chelsea Kirchoff said...

Weird that it has already been a year! I agree that seeing someone in concert changes everything. You get a feel for who they are as an artist and how good they are as an artist as well. Lady Gaga doesn't disappoint; that's for sure.

Your photos are awesome. I like the bottom right one a lot. Did you use your dad's camera?