Wednesday, January 5, 2011

"The Best This Table Has Ever Looked!"

I worked in the morning at Abercrombie on Monday, and I LOVED it!

1. The kids are back in school, so that means no obnoxious middle schoolers messing everything up.
2. The parents are back to work, so that means no obnoxious adults messing everything up.

Plus, it was the morning, and the creatures apparently only come out when it's dark.

Since the store was in pristine condition, Danielle (one of the store managers), had me "audit" the jean table in Men's 2. Auditing includes perfectly straightening the jeans and size-stickering them, making sure we have a max of two jeans per size out on the floor, with one pair stacked on top of the table, and the others in drawers below.  

I had to do 6 different jeans, and it took me about 2 hours to finish the table.

When I was finished with the left side of the table (first 3 jeans), Danielle came over and said they looked "beautiful" and took a picture of them to send to my other managers to show them how nice the table looked. And I quote, "This is the best this table has ever looked!"

Later, another one of the managers came to work, Mandy, who is a stickler when it comes to folding. She even complimented my jeans! 

Two of my coworkers also said the jeans looked great, and then we placed bets as to how long it would remain parfait.

Unfortunately... I left soon after, so I'm not sure how long my hard work remained.

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Chelsea Kirchoff said...

This hard work astonishes even ME. I remember I was sleeping when you sent me the photo of these jeans and all I remember thinking was, "HOLY PERFECT JEANS."

Congratulations on all of the compliments, Matt Benyo. If nothing else, you can always make it as a professional perfectionist.

P.S. The creatures part made me lawlz.