Monday, January 31, 2011

Abercrombie Adventures

This weekend was basically an Abercrombie fest. I worked Friday, Saturday, and Sunday, each day for more hours I was scheduled. I am lucky to be alive.

Friday, I was assigned to go-backs when I got there, which consists of pushing around a bin of clothes that people either a.) leave in the dressing rooms, b.) leave them piled on random tables, or c.) throw them on the ground. I was in men's one when my manager told me to keep on eye on these two shady looking middle-40s black men, just as a potential lp case.  So I kept an eye on them, but then continued pushing my bin around putting back the clothes. They were in the back room, and I pushed the bin back there and when I got there, one of them said "Hell nawh." So I plopped some polos on the table and asked if I could help him. Then he went off blaming me of following him around the store because he's black and because "that white girl" (my manager) told me they were thieves. He assured me he had money and pulled out a wad on money from his pocket waving it in my face then said, "I oughtta stab you, but I'mma let you go this time..."  Oh, really? Thanks for "letting me go" that time, bud...  I asked him if he would like to talk to my manager, but him and his buddy left the store. Close call...

Saturday, I learned to work the registers! Finally! I loved every bit of it! I was also assigned to write down the scu numbers (by the barcode) of all the clothes on our mannequins for our inventory Sunday.  I was standing on one of the tables in the canoe room, and went to step down onto a little bench which I thought was right under me (but wasn't), and fell to the ground.  I wasn't hurt, since I landed on my foot, and just rolled onto my back from the momentum, and my legs flung into the air almost hitting some azn in the head. Best part, she just stood there looking at me. She didn't move when my foot was a few inches from her face, and she didn't help me up. She just stood there. It's okay lady, I'm fine...

Sunday, I was scheduled from 3-8, but didn't leave until 10:30. Awesome! It was inventory, so we had to go through the store and count every item. Then these ladies came and scanned every item, which was supposed to match up with the number we counted.  Worst part, as they scanned, they DESTROYED the store. Clothes were unfolded all over, thrown onto the ground. It was a disaster. Earlier in the day, we were mobbed by an azn convention, and luckily for us, none of them spoke Engrish. There were these two little ones, running around the store, playing hide and seek tag. I was in men's three putting away some clothes in a closet, and I pushed apart some shirts to hang other ones, and
One of the little asian girls was hiding in the closet and near gave me a heart attack. She then giggled and ran off into the store. 

So I nearly died three different times, three different days working at Abercrombie. I should call Discovery Channel and sign Abercrombie up for Dangerous Jobs

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Chelsea Kirchoff said...

I have to say, this is one of the funniest entries I have ever read from you. All of your last lines, were the best, but when you said none of the azns spoke ENGRISH, I couldn't breathe. Oh and The Grudge thing was great.

However, your conclusion/summary paragraph, takes the cake. You claim you're so bad at conclusions; I think you might need to re-evaluate that statement!

I told you inventory was checking everything! You didn't really elaborate on it so I'm going to assume it wasn't horrible, but then again, everyone that has ever done inventory says it is.

You're a funny guy.