Monday, January 3, 2011

2011 - Year of the Unicorn

The year of Gaga.

Much like 2010 was, 2011 is going to be HUGE for Lady Gaga. I, for one, am excited for Born This Way, as I'm sure are the millions of other Little Monsters out there.

2.13 and 5.23 couldn't come sooner.

This is my homage to the Lady. I made this back last Septemberish while Illustrator was still new to me. It's probably the best thing I've made on Illustrator since though.

Ps. Also going to be a big year for Momma Pink! Can't wait to see her baybay.

Speaking of Pink... Guess who just reached 100,000 hits on youtube!

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Chelsea Kirchoff said...

Totally the year of Gaga. Bout to be insane. I'm excited to hear her new music for sure. Good thing I'm friends with you. Keep me updated about anything you hear.

I'm glad you finally posted your illustrator piece!
It blew me away when you first did it and still does!

February is basically already here.