Tuesday, December 14, 2010


Kirchoff and Benyo makes Kirchyo.
Get it?

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Chelsea Kirchoff said...

In the first photo, you look 67.
I like the 4th one (first row).
I really like the first one second row.
I look awesome in the 3rd one 2nd row.
The one next to that one is really good.
I have a seal arm in the last one 2nd row.
3rd row 1st and 2nd are gems. LAWLZ.
Matt you look like a scared child 3rd row last one.
I want to hug you in 3rd one 4th row.
Also I want to hug you in 3rd one 3rd row.
I ruined 4th row, last one hahaha.
5th row is pure ridiculousness.

Why did I just spend so much time doing that?
When we come over, one of the activities will include taking a ton more photos on photobooth.
It's my favorite thing to do.