Friday, December 31, 2010


2010 was been great. Fantastic. I would have never thought that I would do many of these things in my life, let alone in ONE YEAR.  I'll try to do this in chronological order...

I saw Lady Gaga twice in two days. Went to Frankenmuth over Spring Break with Nathan, Betsy, and Amy, which is where I got my Guess leather jacket that I am in love with. We also went to Tony's and ordered the 1 pound BLT sandwich. I saw the Black Eyed Peas -- and didn't have to pay for the concert!  Went to Tiger's opening day celebration at Cheli's Chili with Sheri, Kevin, and friends.  I went to Kensington beach the first warm day of the year. I babysat Jemma/Demi the goat for a weekend.  Bleached my hair! Went to Chicago with Nate on the Megabus (and it only cost $3ish!).  Visited with my Polish friend Maggie Polka. Went on the Sky Deck at the Willis (Sears) Tower. Rollerbladed along the beach. Nate and I found the Blizzardmobile in Chicago and got free blizzards! I met Katharine McPhee (who told me the name of her baby in The House Bunny and told me that I have gorgeous eyes.)  Meet Nathan's cousin Jason and his fiancé Milana (who is such a great and inspirational person) from Hong Kong.  Explored Downtown Royal Oak with BB and Danny. Got a job at Cranbrook Summer Art Studio, where I met my new bff Chelsea Kirchoff! Went up north to Betsy's cabin, where I got so tan I was basically black. Became buddies with Hugh Jackman's son Oscar at Cranbrook. Went to Florida with my family and Nate and, again, became black. Was an extra in Hugh Jackman's movie Real Steel. Found out that I was pretty enough to sit with the "pretty girls" and "upscale" people during Real Steel.  Saw Lady Gaga for a THIRD time this year. Ran into Taris Tyler (HJ's stand-in) at the Gaga concert, which made my and Chelsea's night. Went to NEW YORK CITY for the FIRST time and had the time of my life. Went to the Jackman's house for lunch, and then to a park to play soccer with Hugh and Oscar. Got my picture taken by the paparazzi and found it online!  Found Swatch (from Project Runway) at Mood Fabrics. Went to Sleep Hallow and ran through the infamous cemetery (away from the Headless Horseman of course...)Was a pirate AGAIN (for 3 years in a row) for Halloween.  Made a mashup of Pink and Adam Lambert's Whataya Want From Me, which ended up burning up the internet and was even featured on Perez Hilton's website! Went to Necto for Betsy's birthday and had a blast. Went to an advance screening of Psych. Finally met and hung out with Chandler Kirchoff (Chelsea's fun brother).  Found out my mashup of Whataya Want From Me was the "year's best mashup" beating even Glee!  Saw excellent movies, such as Black Swan, Salt, Toy Story 3, Inception. Listened to great music, such as Cheryl Cole, Pink, Gaga, new Christina Aguilera, new Rihanna, new Katy Perry.  Got a job at Abercrombie and Fitch.  2010 was a great year, and it's going to be hard to top. Bring it 2011.

Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Whataya Want From Me Now?

Remember this...

Well... on youtube someone left a comment saying they found my video from! Ryan Secrest's website!! Insane, right? So I searched the site a bit to try and find where they had my video posted, and finally found it... IN THE TOP 5 MASHUPS OF 2010!

The top five are:

5. DJ Earworm's OMG, Baby
4. Lady Gaga's Telephone vs. Metallica's Enter Sandman
3. GLEE's Umbrella vs. Singing in the Rain
2. Katy Perry's Firework vs. Mike Posner's Please Don't Go
1. Pink vs Adam Lambert Whataya Want From Me

That's right folks! My video is the NUMBER ONE MASHUP of 2010!!
It even beat GLEE!

I was freaking out, I still kind of am...
I'm honored!

Monday, December 20, 2010

First Day at Work

Went into work yesterday, see my manager standing at the door.

Me: "Hey!"
Her: "Where's your plaid..."
"Umm... I don't have any..."
"Oh, because that is what employees are supposed to wear."

So looks like I'm going to need to buy a plaid shirt for tomorrow's shift.

I said the tagline about one million times.

Hey, what's going on? Check out 8 and Fierce, they make great stocking stuffers!

Usually followed with the customer asking, "What?" in reference to no one knowing that 8 and Fierce are the store's fragrances.

I only worked four hours and my back was hurting so bad. 

Looks like I'm going to have fun tomorrow!

Come visit me 6-11.

Friday, December 17, 2010

Please Allow 4-6 Weeks for Results

Google circa the 1940s.
I stumbledupon this.
I would hate life without internet.
Just sayin'.

Thursday, December 16, 2010

Paris is Burning

Figuratively, of course.
As of 12:30 (hopefully sooner) I will officially be done with my final required French class at UM.
As I walk out of the testing hall, I am expecting to hear a hallelujah chorus being sung.
I am so excited to be done with language courses here at UM. I've reached the level where, instead of learning French, you are now learning things about France (like how it was during WW2... ughhhh).  

I love the language and hope to continue to practice and develop my speaking skills, maybe a trip to France would help? 

PS. The photo (above) was taken right after fireworks, and while the Eiffel tower is still lit up. Its not really burning...

Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Study Tips

With finals coming up, I've been studying a lot, and for anyone reading this going through the same hellish situation as me, here are some tips:

1. Disconnect your internet.
2. Disconnect your cable.
3. Isolate yourself from everyone.

Crap post? Blame it on finals...

Tuesday, December 14, 2010


Kirchoff and Benyo makes Kirchyo.
Get it?

Monday, December 13, 2010

X Factor Finale

Congrats Matt Cardle!

He was one of my favorites from the beginning. His heavenly falsetto and charm won him this competition! I am really excited to see what comes from his career!

I am ecstatic that 1Direction did not win, but I'm sure we will be seeing more of them, along with  the runner-up Rebecca Ferguson.  Neither of them were bad, per say, but 1D weren't up to par (unless your a 12 year old girl) and Rebecca, while having a gorgeous voice, was lacking a personality.

I hope Matt and Aiden record some sort of duet. I love Aiden's unique voice and his quiff. Aiden is the best! Plus these two are clearly bbfs and adorbs together!

Saying all this, let's not kid ourselves... Cher Lloyd was the true winner of XF7.  We (including us in America) will be seeing a lot from this girl. She owns the stage with her attitude and charisma.

Friday, December 10, 2010

This one is for CK.

I saw this, smiled, and thought of Miz Chelsea Kirchoff.
Two of her favorite things.

Thursday, December 9, 2010

And Begin the Complaining...

I hate the ends of semesters.

It requires too much studying. Too many papers to write. Too many presentations to present.  Too many exams to take. TOO MUCH.

Can it be over yet?

Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Entre les Murs

I watched this movie for my french class and was pleasantly surprised how good it was.

Remember that movie, Freedom Writers with Hilary Swank? I've never seen the whole movie, but from what I understand of it, it is about her dealing with "difficult" students and helping them overcome their struggles.

That is basically what this movie is about.  It is about a teacher struggling with students with bad attitudes in intercity France, and helping them overcome obstacles in their lives.

I really felt connected with a lot of the characters in this movie, a lot of the students and the teacher himself.  I put myself in his shoes a lot during the movie, trying to guess how I would react to the multiple insane things the students do. It really opened my eyes. If I were planning on becoming a teacher, I think I would love/hate to work with kids like this.  I would love to see all the hard work I put in to the students pay off at the end of the year. However, you see in the movie how he vents to other teachers when they don't try and how he can see so much potential in them, but they don't show initiative to learn. That would frustrate me to no end.  Also a lot of the students talk back to him, and at one point he calls two girls skanks. The students respond by calling him an asshole and he then defends himself by saying teachers are allowed to say certain things that students aren't. I disagree with that. I think that students should be able to say anything teachers are. Its all about fairness both ways.

Anyway, it is a great movie and I suggest you all watch it! With subtitles, of course.

Tuesday, December 7, 2010


I'll let the video speak for itself.

PS. I'm officially a moose. At least for the holiday season.

Monday, December 6, 2010

X Factor

This weekend is the X Factor finale!


Only four left... Cher, Rebecca, Matt and One Direction.

I'm rooting for Cher or Matt to take home the big V.

I know for a fact, even if she doesn't win, we will be seeing a lot of Cher Lloyd in our future!

Friday, December 3, 2010

H8ers U Can Kill URSelfz

Chelsea Kirchoff has not stopped singing Nicki Minaj's Check It Out or Roman's Revenge.
She is an avid fan, so this post is dedicated her her! :)

She's not the only fan though, as I thoroughly enjoy me some Nicki too.
I listened to her album and there are some seriously hot tracks. Fly and Blazin' are definitely top of the list for me, so CHECK IT OUT. ;)

We watched her MTV documentary tonight, and it just makes me like her so much more.  You can see how sincere, selfless, and genuine she is and other parts how the bitch boss can come out. The footage all seemed very real.

One of the reasons I really like her is because she admits to always putting acting first (which is why she always makes her infamous wacky faces), and that Nicki Minaj, as we all know her, is a character played by Ms. Onika Maraj.  During an interview, she was asked if she is playing the role of a rapper right now, and her response: "Maybe.... Maybe I was just auditioning to see if I could kick everybody’s ass and then I’ll gracefully bow out and say 'I’m done…next role!'"

I'm not sure why, but for some reason I love her answer.

Thursday, December 2, 2010

Broken Toe

The other day I was admiring my christmas decorated apartment when I stubbed my toe on my couch.

I legit think my toe is broken, but I don't have time to check it out and/or worry about it because of the stress over my bio paper.  Luckily it is due today, so regardless if I am happy with it or completely finished, it will be off of my mind as of 5 pm today.

Then I can focus on my broken toe.

Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Homework Coma

Je suis désolé pour les demi-mauvaises postes récents.
Je suis dans le coma devoirs.