Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Sex Is Not Always Fun...

I'm taking a women's studies class at UM. I hate it. It is nothing like I expected, but it's nice to get it done and over with since it fills the required humanities credit.

I've been waiting for this week for a while now.  We've had some interesting topics, such as "gender" and "class," but I was thinking "sexuality" would take the cake.  I figured the articles would be interesting to read, and I'd actually learn a thing or two.

I was wrong.

This might be in lead for the worst week EVER.  The articles are super long and dry as a bone. And it doesn't help that they were written by crusty old lesbians.  But not any crusty old lesbians, the crusty old lesbians that started "sexual studies."

Basically, all three articles talk about the political side of sexuality. BORING.

They took such an interesting topic and KILLED IT. Murdered it and drained it of all it's blood. Who the eff cares about politics.  I know you may be thinking, well politics are important! Yeah? Well not the politics from the 80s.  I'm sure a lot of queer politics have changed since then.  Well, actually, I'm not so sure because I am reading such dated articles!

I'll end this with an appropriate emoticon... :(

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Chelsea Kirchoff said...

Maybe you should rewrite all of the sexuality articles because your musings are funny and easy to read. All of U of M would be in your debt. They'd love it.

Proper emoticon, indeed!

You're basically almost done with that class.
Hang in there.