Wednesday, November 10, 2010


Monday evening, USA network came to U of M to give us an advanced screening of the new season of PSYCH.

I've been an avid watcher of the show for quite some time-- it is hilarious-- so I was super excited for it!

The ticket we printed off said first come first serve, and it started at 6, so Nate and I thought we'd get there by 5 and it'll a be good. The line was SOOOO long at 5. I had no idea how big of a thing this was.  We kept following the line from the second floor of the Union to the basement to get to the end of it. Luckily, towards the end we ran into some good friends of ours and decided to have a party.

Once we were in the ballroom, where the showing was to be held, we got our seats and got the smallest slices of pizza ever, and then saw that there were psychics there!  I was excited, I really wanted to get my fortune told! (FOR FREE!)

I ran over to her and plopped down.  She was going to "read me" from Tarot cards.  She had me shuffle them and then she laid them out.  I don't remember everything she told me or the order, but here is the gist of it:
--I love knowledge, and have a lot of it, but I need to "seek" (STUDY) more to reach my full potential.
--I am grasping onto something that is holding me back and once I let go, I will receive something wonderful.
--Someone I met recently is going to make a HUGhE impact on my future!
--I am a natural leader, whether it be with friends or peers, but I need to accept my role of leadership and lead others.
--I am going to be visited by some Wizard (I think it was a wizard...) very soon, and the paticular wizard that is going to visit me always brings the BEST gifts, sometimes monetary, other times spiritually.
--The Wheel of Fortune is in my future, which means I'm going to receive some very nice gifts. (She said I should expect a very good Christmas.)

I was stoked about my future! It sounds excellent, no?

Then we watched the new episode, which was pretty good.  Not the best I've seen, but it picked up where the last episode from the last season ended, so it was more of a continuation.

After the episode, they gave away some Psych swag by answering trivia questions and/or asking the writer questions about the show.  Nate asked him a good question so we got some BOBBLE HEADS for our apartment.

Psych has this thing where there is a hidden pineapple in every episode, so tapped a picture of a pineapple on a few of the chairs to give away prizes that way.  Once they announced to feel the bottom of your chair to see if you've won, my friend Sidrah was so EXCITED, she ripped the cardboard bottom off of the chair. The defaced UM property. Rebel.

Last night, I was looking at Psych's website to look at the pictures they posted from UM.  I was flipping through them and saw a picture of ME AND MY FRIENDS! We are pretty much famous now.  I was so PSYCHed. Punny, no?


Chelsea Kirchoff said...

I already used that psyched joke on Nate. So I beat you to the punch. I wish I went to school/U of M. This sounds like it was a lot of fun! FUN EVENTS AT A FUN SCHOOL!

It's not Hugh Jackman.
I'm telling you.
"Oh you think it's supposed to be YOU?"
A hole.

I don't think free fortune tellers are allowed to say bad things so of course there's good things in your future. BUT I look forward to seeing how much of this comes true in your future.

Are you letting go YET?

Scar said...

i love this show!

tismollyhere said...

Does anyone know if/where you can buy these? Please help me out!!