Monday, November 1, 2010

October is Over, and You Know What That Means!


Now that Halloween is over, it is time to bust out the Christmas lights and the Christmas jams. 'Tis the season to be jolly!

Halloween went much better than I was expecting for this year.  I think it's best to have no expectations, because then you will never be let down!

I was expecting the peak of my Halloween season to be last Thursday, when Chelsea came over to my apartment and we were going to watch horror movies and carve pumpkins.  We did all of that -- plus MORE!

Carving pumpkins went terribly. I made a lovely design in Illustrator that I planned on carving and wowing Chelsea with. Except pumpkins are so much harder to carve that I thought. It was fun de-gutting the pumpkin and baking the seeds though!

Movie marathon was excellent. Over the weekend, we watched Last House on the Left, Drag Me To Hell, Halloween, Halloween: H20, Halloween: Resurrection, and I feel like there were more but I can't remember.

Saturday day was uber fun.  Nate went home to visit family and friends and what not, but Chelsea and I stayed in A2 for some fun.  We were dancing and singing and scaring each other in the dark. I even dressed up like Michael Myers and practically chased her out of the apartment building. She basically crapped her pants.

We had a good old fashioned get together on Saturday evening, but I can't remember most of what happened that night either. I remember cookies and Amy trying to turn the oven off and pretending we were in the ALPS.

Then I woke up Sunday morning, Halloween day.  I have a huge exam today, so I figured I would spend all day studying. Wrong...

Chelsea and I went trick or treating and got a lot of treats!
Then Nate and I spent some time with some good friends and I can just tell you that I got zer0 studying done.

So that brings me to today.

And I need to be studying.


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Chelsea Kirchoff said...

I totally expected this to be like a tiny paragraph or something. It's a great summary though. I guess SAW 3D would count as one of the horror movies we saw. Remember how we were the only ones reacting to the movie because everyone else acted like robots? I sure do.

You didn't have to carve that pumpkin to wow me with your design. That was top notch. I also tried to wow you with my skillz except that I don't have any. I seriously thought it'd be easy to just do it. Wrong.

I like your Christmas colors. Mine are getting changed as soon as they start playing Christmas music ;)

Can't wait to do Christmas time things with you :)