Thursday, November 4, 2010

Give OMBRE some HOPE, Chelsea.

One thing that is HOT right now in the fashion world is the Ombre hair style.

It is being done by many celebrities, including Lady Gaga, Fergie, and Sarah Jessica Parker.

Well, I guess Chelsea has been influenced by the media, since she decided to try to pull it off as well.  Unfortunately for her... it's not working.

Ombre is french for "to shade."  The idea behind the Ombre hairstyle is to have it fade from one color to another, looking glamourous.

Chelsea thinks it just means "grow out your roots." Poor girl.

PS. How do you like the new layout?!

1 comment:

Chelsea Kirchoff said...

If my real hair color was that dark, I would kill myself. Your PHOTOSHOP SKILLS never cease to blow me away, Matt Benyo! NICE TRY :)

I will never be an ombre.
Never in a million years.

Keep hope alive.