Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Football with Hugh Jackman

Recently I was in NYC with some friends and was invited to the Jackman's house for lunch.

I was FLABBERGASTED by their apartment. It is insanely beautiful and breath taking.  My blog picture (to the right, by my "about me") is from their balcony! Incredible view, no?

After lunch and chit chatting, we went to the park across the street from their apartment to play some cricket and "football" (aka soccer, you know those Aussies and their foreign talk!)

When we were at the park, there were tons of paparazzi around but we just ignored them and continued to play our game.

Hugh and his son were captains.  Hugh picked my friends to be on his team and I was chosen to be on Oscar's team.

Not going to lie, my team won.

Here are some pictures taken of me kicking some Wolverine ass.


Scar said...

OMG this is so amazing!
ur cutie.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

hot shit!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

GOD he's so sexy.
I would die if i played soccer with him!!!!!

Nate Bou said...

I like how you mention nothing of us in this BRAND NEW post. haha

I expect nothing less from you MB :-p

Anonymous said...

I agree with Nathan's comment times a thousand.


Nate Bou said...

Hey Anonymous...Under me...I hope you're Taris or Hugh :-p