Monday, November 8, 2010


This is my super quick, lazy, uneducated attempt at a cut-out.  The only thing I knew about them is to 1.) Use the polygonal lasso tool and 2.) use textures.

I was just playing around making shapes on Buffy, and then decided to fill the shapes in with textures I found via google.

Why Buffy you ask?

Chiller, channel 153 for you fellow ATTers, started playing Buffy the Vampire Slayer in November and yesterday they had a 25 hour marathon, thanks to day lights saving time!

I LOVE Buffy! She only entered my life fairly recently.  I've always like SMG, she is in my FAVORITE movie of all time (any guesses?), but I never watched Buffy when it was on TV. So I thought... why not give it a chance?  I downloaded all seven seasons and started watching multiple episodes a day, in between doing homework, sometimes instead of doing homework...
I drew this in my desk drawer in my dorm last year with an expo marker. I needed motivation.

I finished the last episode towards the end of while working in the office at Cranbrook. It was bittersweet though. Buffy was in my life for so long, then it was over. I was so desperate for my Buffy fix that I actually downloaded the "eighth" season, which were comics. But I quickly got over the break up and did not read a single one of the comics.

I'm waiting for a Buffy reunion movie, though. That was be pretty rad! Get to it Joss!!

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Chelsea Kirchoff said...

I think you're the most underrated human being of all time.


Just like Kanye says.

Next time we hang out, let's FOR REAL make cut outs because I think you could be really extraordinary at them.

SMG sucks.