Friday, October 15, 2010

You've Got Something Brown On Your Nose...

You all know people just like this.

The kind of person I am talking about is the one (or more) person(s) in the classroom that live to please the teacher. No one is more annoying in a classroom than the person who is always raising their hand with enthusiasm to answer every question.  They always seem to be paying attention, even during the most dull lectures, and they even make small talk with the professor/GSI.

There is one in my french class. She annoys me real bad.  First off, in my French class, we have really small seats and they are all crammed next to eachother, since the room is small itself.  Also there are limited seats  in the room, so the people who get to class last sit towards the front corner of the room, where it is nearly impossible to see the overhead projector.  So this girl, who looks like an owl, gets to class FIRST, and sits in the prime seat, like in the middle of the room, then she places her backpack on one seat next to her and her books on the other seat. It just really annoys me because then some people get crap seats all because she is greedy.  Anytime the teacher asks a question, not only does she raise her hand but she does the seat dance, where you kind of hop while sitting, as if she is trying to boost her hand even higher. I'm pretty sure I've heard some "Oo, Oo"s coming from her area before. Whenever the teacher asks the whole class a question (when raising your hand isn't needed) she always is the most audible, and if she ever gives the wrong answer, she makes sure she lets the class know that she "really just misunderstood the question"......... right. [/endsarcasm]. This is legit what she looks like 90% of the time during class.

Moving on to my bio lab.  Yesterday we had to give presentations on the lab we've been doing for the past three weeks.  There was this one girl who seriously talked for about 20 minutes, when they were supposed to be only 10 minutes long. The way she was speaking the to class really irked me too.  She was talking like we were elementary school kids.  She was explaining that one of her readings from the spectrophotometer was off, but the reason was because her liquid had a precipitate it in. I know what a precipitate is, and I'm pretty sure at least 90% of the other people in the class know what a precipitate is as well. But for the few who didn't know, she described it exactly how it is. A solid in the predominately liquid solution that is floating around.  That isn't the bad part.  After explaining that, she said "Oh, I know it must be hard for you to picture." And DREW IT ON THE BOARD. Who doesn't understand what solid in liquid means?  Come on! And later she did a math problem ON THE BOARD that consisted of first subtracting two numbers and then dividing the solution by one.  SO FRUSTRATING. I do not like being talked to like I'm 12.  Her presentation was not even good, though.  She kept having to go back and forth between slides because she kept forgetting to say things she was supposed to. At the end, she said "Oh, yeah. I forgot to tell you what my prediction was... So here it is!" after it was basically over... Give me a break!
Then, what makes her even worse, whenever the GSI would give feedback to her or other people, she would nod her head and basically repeat exactly what our GSI said back to him. She did that at least 10 times and it got more annoying each time.
An example of small talk with a GSI: This same girl, who Corine Eastman nicknamed Indian Oompa Loompa, was wearing a Lady Gaga shirt today.  The GSI mistakenly mentioned it, and she started talking and would. not. shut. up.  She was talking about Gaga's last concert in Detroit.  She said she paid $90 to sit right next to/behind the stage and only actually saw Gaga through her backup dancers about 5 times the whole concert.  She said she had to watch the screen the whole time, but she still enjoyed herself, but she would NEVER pay $300 to sit where you could actually see her. Well guess what B? I paid $125 the day of the concert and had EXCELLENT seats, so stop your bitchin'!
Ugh, people (like her) aggravate me!

Here is the Indian Oompa Loompa doing what she does best.  Funny tid bit, after I drew this and showed it to Corine, she said "Now you have to color her purple!" I was confused so I asked her why, and she replied "Because she is an Oompa Loompa LAWLZ."  But then I shattered Corine's world and I told her that Oompa Loompas were orange with green hair. No purple involved. (If you look hard enough at the photo, you can slightly see words in the background. That is because I doodled on the back of a handout and my scanner made the front semi-visible.)

PS. Something else that was funny from lab...  After we finished doing this really easy preparation for our lab next week, we are all sitting around waiting for people to be ready with their presentations when our GSI said, "Oh. Looks like the class across the hall is wearing gloves for this lab.  That makes since, considering we were dealing directly with E. COLI. (about 45 second pause) Maybe we should all wash our hands?"


Chelsea Kirchoff said...

Were you dead serious working with E. Coli? That's terrifying. Don't die, please. Gloves. DO YOU HAVE GLOVES? Uh yeah? Oh. Yeah!

Corine is funny. I think this is hilarious. Great entry. I hate brown-nosers. That drawing sums up every brownie that ever lived. You could just put a "place head here" oval where her head is.

Leave a note on that one girl's desk in French that says, "Quit being greedy, whore!" in french. See if she can decipher that one.

Chelsea Kirchoff said...

Your photoshopping skills are out of this world. Not even joking. PERFECT VISUAL hahaha

Matt Benyo said...

Ne sois pas gourmand, putain!