Monday, October 4, 2010

X Factor, You Are Right Up My Street

Recently, I "discovered" Cheryl Cole (more will come on my newly found obsession with her in a upcoming post).  Cheryl Cole is one of the judges on UK's X Factor which started it's 7th series a few weeks ago.  X Factor is kinda-sorta like American Idol, only the age range is much wider and can include groups/bands.  I decided it would be worth watching the show even if it was just to see Cheryl.  I downloaded and watched all the previous episodes to be caught up for the most recent one.  Unfortunately, since I'm here in the good ol' US of A, I can't watch X Factor when it airs in the UK.  I have to download it after it airs and watch it on my computer.  The good thing is, because of the time difference between US and UK, when the show airs at 7:45 or 7:05 (weird starting times, huh?) in the UK, it's only 2ish here, so I don't have to wait all night to watch it!

Anyway, about the show... it's a real interesting setup.  Everyone tries out, and eventually they separate the contestants into categories -- girls (16-27), boys (16-27), over-28s, and groups(bands).  Then they narrow it down to 8 people (or groups) in each category.  After that, each judge is assigned a category to mentor.  It is then the judges responsibility to narrow it down to 3.  The 12 remaining people/bands officially make it to the live shows where the audience votes on who to keep. Tonight's episode was when each judge announced who they were taking to the live show.  It was intense. I had favorites in each category, and luckily for me, all of my favorites made it! 

The ones that I'm really digging are (in no particular order):
Matt Cardle (boys category):
Cher Lloyd (girls category):
Katie Waissel (girls category):
Belle Amie (group category):
1 Direction (group category):
Mary Byrne (over-28s category):

PS. How weird is it that no matter what accent people have while they are talking, when they sing, they are virtually accent-less.  Music is universal!


Chelsea Kirchoff said...

Katie and Mary FTW. Other than that, does anyone in the UK have talent or do they just sound good because of their accents?

I can't believe you updated about the X FACTOR. And I agree with your PS. It's totally true.

Matt Benyo said...

Believe it or not, but a lot of the comments I read on X Factors website were hating on Cheryl for picking Katie. They think she was totally unfit for picking.

But I love her voice. It's unique!

And yes I updated about X FACTOR! It's what I've been doing all weekend! Besides homework, but I doubt anyone would want to read about that.