Sunday, October 10, 2010

What's This?! A Post on the Weekend?!

I know, crazy stuff!

I just wanted to change up the colors of my blog a bit for this Halloween season approaching quickly.  I don't know how I'm liking the changes though... I still might mess around with them a bit.

Also, I want to elaborate a bit on my last post about Apple Charlie's.  I did some research about turkeys and it turns out, turkeys can actually change the color of their heads and necks based on mood. Much like those 25¢ mood rings you had when you were a child!  A turkey's head/neck can change red when they are frightened or feeling defensive, blue when they are in the mood for courting, and white when they are just chilling, being neutral.  So that was weighing down the scale in favor of "same turkey," but I wanted verification.  So I called Apple Charlie's to find our for sure. Here is how the conversation went:

-"Apple Charlie's apple orchard, how can I help you?"
-"Hi. I'm just calling about your turkey."
-"Our... turkey...?"
-"Yup. My friends and I came last year and came back last week and we were wondering if it was the same turkey, or if it was a new one."
-"Um... I can check if you want."
...About a minute passes...
-"Okay. So I asked someone who worked here last year and they said it is the same turkey."
-"Oh, awesome. Thanks so much."
-"Is that really all you needed?"
-"Yup. Thanks again."

The conversation was a tad awkward.
But good news is they didn't eat the turkey last year and replace it with a clone!

How would you like it if your head changed colors based on mood? I think it would be ruhl embarrassing!

PS. Happy 10-10-10! Maybe the reason I posted today (ON A WEEKEND?!?!) is because it's a special occasion.  10-10-10 only happens every 1000 years, you know!


Chelsea Kirchoff said...


You should change your background color. White has nothing to do with Halloween, MB.

That conversation sounds like it was more than a TAD awkward; it sounds like it was the most awkward conversation EVER. You know everyone thought you were weird. I love that you were THAT concerned about this whole turkey issue that you called. Creep.

Can you find me one of those mood rings and buy it for me? Because I'm pretty sure they aren't a quarter, but if you find one legit get it for me.

I think, BASED ON BODY LANGUAGE, Taris would be RED in your picture because he's obviously nuzzled up with me in MINE. That's clever of you though; so clever. I agree though, it'd be embarrassing, but if no one else knew what it meant, that'd be okay.

10/10/10. We're all dead.

Thumbs up for best entry ever.

Anonymous said...


Nate Bou said...

Ok, so I had no idea that you called Apple Charlies. That really made me LOL haha. I also love the two Taris pictures. Definitely made me chuckle and point and laugh at Chelsea. lol

Chelsea Kirchoff said...

Shut up, Nathan.

Betsy said...

Haha! I'm sure that person that you called was like WTF?! But that's very interesting about the color changing! I'm glad we are not Turkeys!