Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Raise Your Glass!

Today is a real exciting day. Pink released her new single Raise Your Glass, off of her greatest hits CD which is slated for release in November, and it is legitimately awesome! 
The song's lyrics are so relevant with all of the teen suicides happening all over the country right now, yet it is still so radio friendly. 

There are so many awesome parts of the song! 
-"Raise your glass if you are wrong, in all the right ways." LOVE THAT!
-"Why so serious?" referencing The Dark Knight (which I'm sure is getting a kick out of Chelsea Kirchoff)
-"Oh shit my glass is empty... that sucks!"
-"If you're too school for cool, i mean..." LOLZ.

It's been on repeat for a while now because I can not get enough of it! As you might have guessed by now, I'm a HUGE Pink fan. :)

And here is the song for your listening pleasure!

PS. Did you click on Chelsea's name? No? GO CLICK ON IT! Yes... you too Chelsea!

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Chelsea Kirchoff said...

Obvi my favorite part is WHY SO SERIOUS? That's a catchy song. I'm sure we're going to listen to it a million times. s;dfasf You went SO FAR BACK to find that Joker. Oh My GOD. You make me smile! I also like how you put the song on here because I don't know how the hell to do anything like that. Nice addition of the labels. I can totally hear you saying the first line of this entry too. For being a "small entry", this was a good one. This comment is all over the place. Sorry about that!

Can you get better now? I'm sick of you being sick. It's like we're not even friends.

Thanks for making Project Pat happen with me.