Monday, October 11, 2010

Parlez-vous français?

I spent all day Sunday writing my french paper. I bet if I didn't start Saturday evening then I wouldn't be so stressed over finishing it.  Funny thing is, at the bottom of the outline for the paper, it says "N'attendez pas le week-end pour commencer." Which translates to, if you haven't managed to guess, "Do not wait until the weekend to start."

Hmmm... Probably would have been good advice, if I had chosen to listen.

One reason my french paper was so hard to write is because X Factor was on this past weekend.
(Oh no, he's talking about X Factor again?!)(Yes I am!)
It was the first live show, and there were some brilliant performances! Here are the best of the best:
Aiden Grimshaw - Mad World
Mary Byrne - This Is A Man's World
Cher Lloyd - Just Be Good To Me

I was very excited because one of my favorites (see this post), Katie didn't get voted off, despite most of UK hating on her. But what are you going to do? Haters gonna hate. Katie was in the bottom three, but the judges decided to save her and send a terrible boy band home. Good choice judges!

Now that I got X Factor out of my system, on to some pretty awesome news.  NEW YORK CITY in FOUR DAYS! I am ruhl excited and am hoping that this week zooms by.  In fact, I am so excited, my face pretty much looks like this...

(Click the picture if you want to die of laughter.)


Chelsea Kirchoff said...

HATERS GONNA HATE! HOW DID YOU SET THIS UP WITH THAT STILL AND THEN CLICKING IT LEADING TO THE VIDEO?! Your technological skills are so advanced. Teach me how to do these things! GOD. I bet that's how your face looks. That's not how mine looks. I wish your face would freeze like that.

X Factor blows.

Matt Benyo said...

X Factor > the video you posted.

I will share with you my knowledge on video posting one day, young cricket.