Friday, October 22, 2010

New York City. Part 3 of 3.

Yesterday, I showed you what I thought was the longest post ever.  I was wrong... here it is!
Sadly, Monday was our last day in NY.

Chelsea and I had stayed up the night before watching X-Factor until about 4:30 am.  So, as I'm sure you could guess, we were thoroughly exhausted when it came time to wake up.  We had to check out of our apartment at 3, so we figured we would get up at 10, and travel down to SoHo for some shopping.

Except Chelsea and I were pretty miz that morning.  We did not want to get up.  She actually said, or shouted really, that she wasn't going to go.  She would just stay in bed and wait for us to return from SoHo and would rejoin us around 3.  We were not going to have that.  She eventually got up and joined us for the day.  She convinced me to wear my hat; she said I looked adorable in it! :)

We went to the subway, kind of bummed that it would be our LAST day in NYC, which also meant our last day for RAT WATCHING!  We walked to the edge and stared into the tracks intently waiting for our friends to pop out and say hello. But no luck. We boarded the subway, which was not as packed as it usually was. Probably because it was Monday and everyone was at school/work.

We went down to SoHo with two thoughts in mind.  1. Find Dash - the Kardashian's store.  2. Go to Ugg, so I can buy my sassy boots.  We walked around, and I realized, I needed to be taking more pictures. Pictures, pictures, pictures! So I was taking so many random pictures, just trying to make this day (since it was our last) the best ever!

We walked around, towards where Dash was supposed to be, but it's address did not exist. We concluded that it was still under construction before making our way to Ugg.  We went into Ugg and I walked to the back of the store towards the men's shoes.  There was a lady standing in front of the boots in a really dressy suit, so after I picked up the boots I was looking at, I asked her a question about them, and she just looked at me really confused.  After asking her the same question several times, and asking her if I could get a size 10, I realized she worked there, but as security, and her english wasn't the best.  I laughed it off as I found a real employee who could help me.  I asked for a pair of brown boots in size 10.  She came back after a few minutes and regrettably told me, "Sorry, we don't have that style in brown anymore, only black." and handed me a size 9.  I tried them on, but considering they were a size smaller than I asked for, I asked another employee to get me a size 10.  She brought a box out, and told me that the last pair of black 10's they had were the sample boot that was out, but that I could buy them.  I tried them on, and really liked them, but wish they were brown.  But then I was thinking... if I could buy the black pair that was out, maybe I could buy the brown ones.  I was stuck between the brown and black, and Nate and Chelsea were saying they liked both, and I am the most indecisive person ever, so I could not make up my mind.  Just then, the french security lady told me she liked the brown better. Thanks mademoiselle, for helping me make my decision!  I asked the 2nd girl helping me, and she said, "No problem. Let me pull the other boot from the back."  I was waiting and the first girl who helped me came up and asked if I needed anything.  I told her that someone else was getting me the brown boots that I asked for first.  She rolled her eyes and said "I already told you that we didn't have any.  If she finds them, then I guess she is better than me."  Guess what? She found them, I loved them, I bought them, the end.

I left Ugg a happy and hungry boy.  We wandered the streets, with me taking more and more pictures, until we found a nice little bistro to eat at.  It was called Sullivan Street Bistro, and they had really good food, for a really decent price.  I loved the atmosphere of the bistro.  It was like a quaint little french bistro, and was decorated with a lot of Halloween decorations, which were right up my alley! I ordered a chicken guacamole club with a house salad. It was so delicious! Nate ordered some nasty salmon sandwich (that he loved) and Chelsea ordered a bowl of fruit and fries and a coke with 2 ice cubes. After we ate, we all went to the bathroom before having to get back to the streets.  The best part of the bistro... there was this real creepy Scarecrow decoration in the bathroom behind the door, so right when you walk in, you jump.  While using the facilities, I was paranoid that it was going to come to life and stab me in the back. Real creepy.

After eating, we needed to start back to the apartment to get packed up and check out.  Once again, I was taking pictures of everything to look back fondly on this trip.  We loaded on the subway, and Chelsea and I were cracking up the whole time, as usual.  I even snapped a picture of this lady falling asleep leaning against the door. Hilarious! She also pulled a Sue Sylvester and wouldn't let anyone sit next to her, because obvi the seats were taken by her ghost friends.

We got back to the apartment, and took our stuff across White Playground to my car.  We loaded the car up with our belongings, left it in the garage and went back to the apartment waiting for Elsa to come to check out.  When Elsa came, and we met her for the first time, we found out she was nothing that we expected her to be.  She was really nice, and we couldn't have had a nicer tenant.

Back to Times Square to find SWATCH! We took the subway and got off the stop after Times Square, thinking it was closer to Mood.  WRONG.  Even better, when we came to the street Mood was on, Nate told us to go to the right.  I asked him if he was sure. "I am positive."  A few blocks down, he realized he was wrong and we had been walking in the wrong direction the whole time.  That would have been fine, if Chelsea didn't have a bum foot from the soccer game the day before, and could barely walk on it.  We turned around and started trekking towards Mood.  Chelsea was bitching and moaning (with good reason) and finally found a drug store where she bought some Tylenol and V water to wash the pills down.  We continued towards Mood.

We finally got to Mood, went up in the elevator and walked into the store with an eager smile.  Chelsea and I were booking it around the store, looking for signs of Swatch, and while looking down an aisle, she yelped.  We starting running down the aisle looking for him, and BAM! We found Swatch! It was the second best thing of the trip. For sure. We took pictures of him and petting him all over.  He was eating a bone, and I think he didn't want to be bothered, but we didn't care. He loved all the attention, I'm sure.  After he moved to another aisle, right by the line to purchase fabrics, Chelsea and I decided to lay on the ground next to Swatch and get a nice picture with her polaroid.  Right when she took it out of her bag, and handed it to Nate, Swatch got up and ran away, leaving Chelsea and me laying on the ground, in the middle of the line, laughing like idiots.  We got up and ran after him again, and this time, laid down quickly next to him and had Nate take a picture of us before he moved again.  Nate got a picture with my camera, but when he grabbed Chelsea's polaroid, Swatch up and ran away again.  We decided to give him some time, so we browsed the store for a bit, before spotting him by the front door. We was finished with his bone, so we figured he'd be more apt to stay still for a picture.  Nate got the polaroid, we posed next to Swatch and *click*. We got the picture!  Satisfied, we were waiting for the elevator to leave Mood, and I read a little bio about Swatch posted on the wall.  I read that he loved playing with bottles, so when Chelsea finished her V water, I told her to give swatch the bottle. She did and he loved us for it!

After leaving Mood, Nate told us he wanted to go to China town to get a nice wallet for cheap.  We took the subway there, and got off, and almost immediately were scared.  We walked past a few vendors, with no luck, and then were approaching a large group of black men.  They were all talking to us really fast, grabbing our arms, tugging at us to look what they have to sell. Nate asked if they had a Burberry wallet and this one guy told us he did and to follow him.  He took us to a Popeye's chicken restaurant and sat us down at a table and told us to wait here.  At Popeye's, by the table we were sitting at, were a bunch of more black men talking in a different language, and we were basically crapping our pants.  The guy came back with a purse, and Nate told him he wanted a men's wallet, so he left again.  The situation we were in was like a movie showing an Italian restaurant which was owned by the mob, and all the mob members were there eating.  The black men = the mob. The guy finally returned, and I really liked one of the wallets he brought, so I bought it and Nate bought a wallet and we were on our way.  Walking out of Popeye's Nate was walking so far ahead of Chelsea and I, and this man was following us, asking us to buy weed or any other drugs. Chelsea shouted "NO WEED, NO THANKS!" and grabbed my arm and ran off.  After getting to safety around the corner, we decided we wanted to get the hell out of there, while we were still alive, but instead of walking back the way we came, I suggested crossing the street to avoid the crowd of peddlers.  We were walking down the opposite side of the street and were approaching this black big scary man sitting on a stoop.  He had four teeth, and looked like a guerilla! I told Chelsea to get to the other side of me, away from him.  Then she looked him in the eyes, and he started shouting at us.  I literally jumped because I was scared.  He was SCREAMING at us, but we could not understand a thing he was saying. After running quite a bit forward, and catching up to Nate, he turned around and asked us to stop and take a picture of him in this scary place.  I yelled "NO. KEEP WALKING! WE ARE GETTING ON THE SUBWAY RIGHT NOW!" I've never been more scared in my life.  Detroit in the middle of the night is NOTHING compared to this area.
I managed to snap a picture of them running down to the subway.

Next step, Central Park.  Chelsea was set on going here because the Jonas Brothers filmed a music video there... whatever.  I enjoyed walking around the park though, because its so different, going from a concrete jungle to a park! Amazing.  Chelsea got her picture where the JoBros filmed, and then Nate and I started climbing this rock.  We were climbing on the rock, and Chelsea was snapping away from the bottom of the rock.  It felt like a photoshoot! It was a lot of fun!

Walking out of the park, we walked past this horse buggy, and there was a wallet laying on the ground.  Chelsea told me that, and this woman passing by was all over it.  She basically ran over the wallet to check out the scene.  Spooky thing was, at the next street corner, she was in front of us! She must have traveled through the air to catch up with us. Witch.

We were walking down 5th avenue an awe of the stores.  Gucci, Prada, Tiffany's, all those über expensive stores...  We passed the Trump tower, and then Chelsea and I just sat on a stoop just to watch everyone rush by.  Just soaking in the madness of the city.

We were trying to find a place to eat before we left, and were hoping to find something cheap on the way to the subway.  We were walking past this place called "The Primeburger." I figured it was too much money, but there was a menu on the door, and it was not much at all! Like $5 for a burger! So this was obvi the place we were going to eat at! We went in, and the seats were like high chairs! It was so unique! I've never seen anything else like it! It was a classic NY dinner.  The employees had the sassy NY attitude, but it was so funny at the same time! They were really nice, but rude at the same time. Only in NY.   There was a man sitting at the bar eating, and he started talking to us, and he told us he was going back to Poland soon.  Chelsea told him that she was Polish too.  He then said "Jak się masz?" assuming Chelsea spoke Polish.  She had no idea what he said, so he told her "How are you?"  Chelsea answered, "My grandma." LAWLZ.  She thought he was asking how she was Polish, instead of how she was doing.  It was awkward and funny at the same time.  He then kept making jokes that we couldn't quite understand, but went on enjoying our last meal in NYC.  It was the perfect way to wrap up New York City.

Things went downhill from there.  Nate was ready to get going, and Chelsea and I were walking at our own pace, which I'm sure he didn't like.  We went down to the subway, but after we got down there, we realized that we were on the side to go downtown instead of uptown.  Since that was the wrong direction, and instead of walking through the subway station, we just went back up the street and went down another set of stairs.  When we went to swipe our subway passes to get to the tracks, it wouldn't allow us through.  Since we purchased unlimited cards, they have the card set up to only swipe through every 18 minutes, so that way, you couldn't cheat the system and swipe more than one person in at a time.  Well, since we just swiped when we went to the wrong side, we had to wait 18 minutes to swipe through again.  Nate was pissed.  He wanted to walk back over to the other side so the subway workers could validate our cards, but Chelsea and I just wanted to relax and wait the 18 minutes.  Nate was pissed, Chelsea was pissed, I was pissed.  Just a piss match.  Chelsea and I were having a good time, singing loudly, and Nate just left because we wouldn't go with him to the other side.  Chelsea and I had a great 18 minutes, making the last few minutes in NY rememberable. Finally, we got through.

This was our last ride on the subway which meant the last time we could RAT WATCH! We hadn't found a rat all day, and we were going to be real sad if we didn't find one at all.  BUT! We did! And I got a picture of it! Chelsea and I are going to definitely win the gold when RAT WATCHING becomes an olympic sport.

We made it back to the car around 9 pm.  Walking through East Harlem was NOTHING compared to China town earlier that day.  We got in out car and started heading home. Psych! We were headed to SLEEPY HALLOW -- the town famous for the headless horseman.  It only took about 30 minutes to get there, and Nate was not happy we were there.  We assured him we would only be there for 20 minutes tops. LOL -- as if!  We first parked the car and walked around trying to find Sleepy Hallow Cemetery. We were following this path, which I'm pretty sure was a haunted path attraction.  Chelsea and I got real freaked out, because we were looking into this field and we swear there was a girl standing out there, but when we shouted to her, she didn't respond. SPOOKY!  We couldn't tell if she was real or fake.  Nate then realized, with his amazing navigational skills, that we passed the cemetery quite a ways back.  We finally made it there and hopped into the cemetery.  We walked for a bit and took a few pictures, and Nate was not having it.  He was terrified in the cemetery (we all were, but he was the most).  After taking a few photos, and hearing howling, we bolted.  Walking through Sleepy Hallow was so different than NY. It was so dead and was only 9:30ish.  Walking back to the car, we spotted a gas station selling slush puppies! Sno-cones in liquid form? Yes please.  We got our drinks and made our way back to the car.  Walking back, I convinced Chelsea to steal a pumpkin, since they were ALL OVER town.  They wouldn't miss ONE pumpkin, right? Plus how cool would it be to have a pumpkin from SLEEPY HALLOW? She casually put her sweater over the pumpkin and picked it up.  She put it in her satchel, which basically stretched it to the ground! I helped her carry it and we dropped it off at my car.  We then went to the "Welcome to SH" sign, since we totally needed pictures in front of it.  That is were I took my pumpkin from! ;)
A photo from the cemetery. You can see the terror in Nate's eyes. HA!

After Sleepy Hallow came the 10.5 hour drive back to the ol' mitten.  I had decided some part during the drive, that I wanted to drive the entire way. Not sure why, really, but just to say I did.  Chelsea, AKA the BEST co-pilot ever, sang with me the whole trip home.  We stopped every couple hours or so to pee and Chelsea bought us a 5 Hour Energy shot to split.  It was the most disgusting thing EVER! It tasted like guerilla piss. Kind of like how that homeless man smelled on the subway.  The shots made us so hyper, we were practically bouncing off the walls.  We sang loads of Rocky Horror and REPO! and some Glee songs!  Chelsea was probably delirious from the lack of sleep and the energy shots, but she was convinced that I have a good singing voice.  So we sang Don't Stop Believing over and over again. We loved it!  We made it all the way to Michigan, through thick scary fog, without falling asleep at all! Chelsea and I had a blast singing! A perfect way to end a perfect vacation!

Overall, I LOVED my trip to New York.  I could not have wished it to go any other way.  I had a blast hanging out with the Jackmans and meeting Nadine was amazing.  She is probably one of the best people in New York!  So many memorable moments, rat watching, meeting Swatch, subway riding, it was all so much fun.

I can tell you that we are all ready planning NYC VACA pt. 2!

Like the past two days, read Chelsea's and Nate's blog for another point of view!
And be sure to check out all of the pictures from Day 3 here!


Chelsea Kirchoff said...


Correction: Not adorable; hot, um incredibly attractive? I guess adorable too.

"She found them. I loved them. I bought them. The end." I laughed out loud when I read that. Suck on that, Ugg whore employee.

That bistro was fun. I'm ruhl glad we went to primeburger though because I wanted to eat some sort of meat and not just weak fries (without the ends).

Also, "obvi the seats were taken by her ghost friends" made me die. "TAKEN BY MY GHOST FRIENDS!" That lady that fell asleep was a ghost friend.

I'm so glad we found Swatch. I would've been so sad if we hadn't and that video is SO CUTE! Awh! I love it!

I was trying to imagine going to Chinatown with just Nate and I think I'd be dead in a gutter if I had. I was the least composed during that time. I'm gonna just count that as the third time you've saved my life. I owe you for so much haha!


Also, when you called that wallet lady a witch I busted out laughing and spit all over my computer screen. SHE WAS A WITCH! She had super sonic hearing.

That polish thing was HILARIOUS. My grandma. LOLOLOL. Can we go back there when we get to NYC? I loved the high chairs! We were like grown children.

Also, I'm glad we're so much alike that we don't mind taking time to sit on stoops and enjoy the city from time to time. Next time Nate will understand more and NEXT TIME, if we want to go to Times Square before we go, WE WILL.

Sleepy Hollow was great! I'm glad we went!

I was not delirious AT ALL. 24 hours isn't even that long! I was, and still am, TOTALLY CONVINCED you have an AMAZING voice, Matt Benyo! If I am ever to get mad at you, sing to me and you'll melt my heart and I won't be able to be mad anymore.

Rat watch winners for life. <3

Chelsea Kirchoff said...



Everyone hates us at MOOD.

Laying on the ground was SO FUNNY.