Thursday, October 21, 2010

New York City. Part 2 of 3.

This is it. The longest post in the history of blogs.

Nathan wakes up in the morning and goes to take his shower and get ready. Meanwhile, Chelsea and I are stretching any last seconds we can get with our pillow.  Once Nate is out and dressed, his phone alarm goes off, and he walks over to Chelsea:
-"Chelsea, time to get up. It's 8:45." (said in a sweet voice)
-"AANNDD?!!!!" (said in sleep monster voice)
-"I thought you wanted to get up and shower."
-"I SAID 9:15!!!!!!!!"
-"Oh, okay."

It was pretty funny.  Chelsea did eventually get up and shower and get ready, as did I. We were getting dressed up pretty nicely, considering the activities planned for later that day. We were all starving, so we planned on taking the subway to Times Square and getting Jamba Juice. But plans changed when we left the apartment, and saw a fruit stand at the end of our street! We ran over to it, and checked out the prices.  Surprisingly they were fair! I bought a peach and a banana for only $1. I ate the peach while walking to the subway.  Chelsea bought grapes, and did so without knowing they were seeded grapes. She was not pleasantly surprised on her first grape. She was miz.  When we got the subway, I traded her my banana for what was rest of her grapes.  The grapes were not bad.  Chelsea wouldn't swallow the seeds (or nuts as she called them).  She would spit them out.  I found an easy way to avoid the grapes; by biting the grape in half, then picking the seeds out with my teeth and spitting them onto the tracks. I suggested this to Chelsea; to use her "teeth." She laughed.

We got on the subway, which was not as crowded as usual. We jerked around at every bump, like usual. While standing on the subway, I told Chelsea that I could see her bra strap through her dress. She didn't care -- it's just a strap, right?  We then got off at 14th street. We were on our way to the Jackman's house. :)

Walking there, we were über excited. We were taking pictures of everything.  Greenwich is nothing like Times Square.  It is insane how different the area is only being a few blocks down.  It is like something you see out of a movie.  It was incredible.  This is where I want to live when I move to New York.  It was beautiful, calm, serene. Maybe it helped that the weather was perfect that day!

Then we arrived. Outside of the Jackman's apartment, Chelsea called Deb to let her know we were there.  Then she didn't answer. Ummm. What now? Thanks to Chelsea's brilliant mind, she went and talked to the doorman, who let us in.  The guy working the front desk heard where we were headed, so he called up to the 9th floor, and confirmed we were supposed to be going up to see them, and then let us onto the elevator.  We didn't even have to press a button. He did it all for us from the front desk.

On our way up, we were all so excited.  Then the door opened... we stepped out, into their apartment.  We looked around the corner, unsure of what do to. Then we called out "Hello...?" and were greeted by shouts of "Hello" being returned to us. We walked into their apartment and my jaw dropped.  Their apartment was GORGEOUS! Everything is white, and so modern looking. And the view from their apartment? Breath-taking. You could see the freakin' Statue of Liberty from their balcony (which is were we all took photos to be our new defaults on FB. It was real hard for Chelsea and I to change them from our pics with Taris)!  Deb gave us a quick tour of their apartment and told us about future plans they were considering.  They have this AMAZING vertical orange couch! You can see that in the pictures below.

Then she took us down stairs to their art room where Oscar was playing with his buddy Tristin, and Oscar was drawing Meeps. Deb introduced us to Tristin's parents Latresha and Paul.  They were both really nice.  Latresha was artsy, like Chelsea, Oscar and Deb, while Paul was more of a math guy, like Nate. Latresha is french, and it was awesome, because when she was talking to her friend over the phone in french, I could understand what she was saying!! I guess these french classes are doing something...

We did some drawing, and Deb brought down some Mango juice and vitamin water and Chelsea guzzled it down.  Gulp gulp gulp, "you want some Matt?" Gulp gulp gulp "Ok. Here." Then the V-water was gone.  We talked and caught up, and it was really nice.  Then Deb told us to come upstairs in 4 minutes. Chelsea gulped.  We were going to be eating, and Chelsea is SUCH a picky eater. She went upstairs immediately to scope out the situation.  I finished my drawing, and then Nate and I went up stairs.  We sat down at the dinner table.  We were having chicken, roasted pumpkin, diced potatoes, some delicious italian type bread, and an arugula salad.  It was all SOOOO GOOD! It was a very delicious lunch! Thanks to Nadine who made it! Chelsea did not think so, however.  She took a bite of the arugula salad, expecting it to taste like lettuce and made the "I-should-not-have-put-this-in-my-mouth-I-think-I'm-going-to-throw-up" face.  It was priceless.  So she guzzled down some more V-water to cover the taste and then indulged on the bread.  During the lunch, Hugh came home and I was really excited to see him. During lunch, we all just chit chatted, and I really felt like a friend, not just a guest. It was awesome.  Hugh gave Nate and I some excellent advice.  We were telling him about how school is terrible.  He told us about his time at school, and how during college, he wasn't happy with what he was doing, so he took a year off.  That was probably the worst thing we could have told us. So tempting.

Then while Nadine was cleaning up, we chatted with her in the kitchen.  Again, she told us some very convincing information.  She was telling us just to up and move to NY.  There is nothing like it, and we can finish up school there.  We should do it while we're young, she told us. Insanely tempting. Then, we told Chelsea how the Jackmans have a talking microwave.  "You just have to hold a button and say something to it and it starts!" She didn't believe us, but when Nadine verified it, Chelsea walked over to the microwave...

After a while of running around the house, Hugh suggested that we go to the park and play some football (aka soccer).  We were totes excited.  We walked over to the park, which was only across the street from their apartment.  The park was an astroturf field on a pier.  Chelsea and I sat and enjoyed watching Hugh teach us all a bit about Cricket.  The bad thing about playing Cricket on the pier, it was only a few minutes before the tennis ball went flying into the Hudson River.  Thats when the soccer game started.  Tristin and Hugh were team captains, and I was picked to play on Tristin and Oscar's team.  It was so much fun!  We weren't really wearing appropriate shoes for a soccer match, but than didn't stop me!  It was a blast playing soccer, just getting to run around.  I felt like a great time player, since I kept setting up Oscar and Tristin for goals.  Hugh was basically on top of me the whole game, trying to block me, and was grabbing my back so many times.  He told me "You could have a future in football, mate." I died a little on the inside, but just smiled on the outside.  The game came to an early end when Oscar got hit in the arm with the ball and it hurt him.  We just hung around and tried to cheer him up.  He eventually got better, but he still wanted to go home, so we parted ways.  Hugh and his family went back to their apartment.  We said our goodbyes and went on our way to the Highline.

We went to the Highline and took loads of pictures.  Walked around, going towards the Meat Packing district, where we ran into the Apple store. Nadine told us earlier that she had to go their to pick up her computer, so we thought, 'Hey, maybe she is upstairs?" She we checked and sure enough she was!  We stayed with her and talked. Nothing too fancy, just girl talk.  She was again trying to convince us to move out to NY.  Seriously considering it now...  She showed us around the area, gave us great advice on how to get free yogurt from Yogurt Land.  You just try a ton of different samples! She took us to Chelsea market, which is this incredible indoor market with loads of different shops inside.  Chelsea bought some Gelato while we were there, and some random woman took her picture, because "the pink in her hair matched the pink shirts the employees wore and the pink cups." She wasn't too stoked, but was satisfied with her gelato.

After this, Nadine was taking us to some really great burger joint, and crossed the street.  Chelsea and I were paying too much attention, but apparently, it was the RED HAND and we weren't supposed to be walking. A car was driving towards us and WAS NOT slowing down! I grabbed Chelsea's hand and pulled her across the street. Our lives flashed before our eyes.  Then crossing another street a mere minutes later, a big bus started going in reverse RIGHT INTO US!  It was terrifying!  After walking towards Nadine's apartment, she left to go find something to give as a birthday present to a girl who already has everything. Socks are great.

We went walking towards the World Trade Center memorial area.  We eventually found it. It was terribly disappointing.  There was no memorial that I could see. Just a bunch of huge high gates blocking an area.  Not what I expected at all. Not a tear jerker by any means. Walking away, I found this blocks, so I jumped up on them and started hoping from step to step, but then some man came out of the building and yelled at me.

So then we started towards St. Peter's church. We turned a corner, and found a Jamba Juice! And it wasn't closed! So we ran inside to get some delicious Jamba Juice. I got Pomegranate Pick Me Up with a free energy boost!! It was so good! I'm glad Chelsea introduced me to it! We found the church, and Nate took some pictures while Chelsea and I sat trying to think of things to do to pass the time.  We planned on going to John's Pizzeria on Bleecker st.  Chelsea swore it was the best pizza ever, but we needed to wait to get hungry.  We thought of the perfect thing...

We could take the subway towards the Brooklyn bridge to get a nice picture of it.  At the subway station, we were obviously RAT WATCHING, and we wondered why it wasn't an olympic sport.  We made up some rules for the sport.  Whoever is the last person to spot a rat had to go touch it.  About two seconds after stating that rule, I looked over and screamed "THERE'S ONE!" And Chelsea hit me and the same time and shouted "FOUND ONE!" We found the same rat and the same time!  Then we told Nate he had to go touch it, but he wasn't having any of that...  We got on the subway, and when we got off, we realized... we were in Brooklyn! And it was getting dark!! We got out and got a really bad picture of the bridge.  Then I had the brilliant idea to walk across the bridge, back to Manhattan! Perfect way to waste some time. The walk took a while, but it was a blast.  We got some stranger to take our picture, in return I took theirs.  And then after walking for a bit, we saw someone trying to take a picture of them with the NY skyline in the background, but it is so hard to take a good shot by yourself, so I offered to take one for them. I liked helping them out! Weird thing was, we saw that couple again the next day! Crazy!

After the walk over the bridge, we made our way to John's pizza.  We ordered two medium pizzas and ate all but two slices.  It was delicious! Chelsea was right, again! It was the perfect NY style pizza.  Thin crust, lotsa sauce. Mmm.

After that, we just walked around, taking random pictures in the beautiful neighborhood. Not scary at all like our East Harlem apartment's neighborhood.  Chelsea and I found this bright blue door, and of course needed pictures!  Greenwich is such a lovely city at night. We decided to head back to Times Square to get some more pictures.

At the subway station, Chelsea and I were rat watching, and this guy walked towards the edge, and looked to see what we were staring at. It was real funny.  Then on the subway, we realized it must have been a requirement to be high or drunk to ride this train, because everyone was!  So many people had glazed over eyes, and looked so stoned. So funny! This one guy dropped a skittle and watched it roll to the ground in longing.  It was so funny! A homeless guy walked past us asking for money and he smelled like piss. It was DISGUSTING.

At Times Square, we went to McDonalds and I got a milkshake. It was delicious. We sat at Times Square and enjoyed our Micky D's.  When we were finished we went to the RED LIGHT UP STAIRS to get some pictures. We then sat on the stairs and just watched hectic New Yorkers rampage the city. Crazy thing was, it was after midnight.

Nate was getting moody because he wanted to go home because he was tired, but Chelsea and I were not having it.  He started walking away but Chelsea and I didn't move.  He then snuck back and was being a real creeper. Peaking around this big statue. It was hilarous. Eventually, we gave in to Nathan's request. Only because they were closing the stairs to clean them though.

When we got to the subway station, we all sat down on this bench.  After sitting for a hot second, Chelsea and I jumped up to partake in RAT WATCHING.  We were up for about 1 minute, and then saw this guy walk over and sit on the bench RIGHT NEXT to Nathan, as opposed to the other seats, not right next to him.  It was pretty hilarious.  Because then he was leaning all over Nate. Chelsea and I could not contain ourselves. We were laughing so hard.  I had her stand in front of the bench so I could get a picture.  Then another guy came and sat right next to him on the other side.  Then a woman came and took the last seat.  Chelsea and I died.  We were laughing so hard, the people probably thought we were drunks.  The best part is, we tried saving Nate, and kept telling him to get up and walk with us down the tracks a bit, and he just looked at us like we were strangers. We laughed even harder.

When we finally got up, I noticed there was TV monitors up that was taping the subway area.  Chelsea and I walked away until we were on the screen and had Nate take a picture of us on the monitor!

When we got home, we searched some gossip websites for any paparazzi shots of us hanging with the Jackmans since they were all over when we were playing soccer, etc. Guess what?! THERE WERE! I was so excited when I found them!  The horrible thing was, there weren't any pictures of Chelsea or Nate. Just me. I mean, yay for me, but I felt bad they weren't getting the attention I was.
Then we looked at the pictures we took during the day, and I started laughing so hard when looking at pictures of Chelsea.  You could totes see her bra through her dress because of the flash of the camera! Hahahaha! I told her you could see her bra strap earlier, but she just blew it off. Guess it was a foreshadowing event.

Like yesterday, you should definitely check out Chelsea's and Nate's blog to get another perspective.
And check out my photo album here for more pictures!


Chelsea Kirchoff said...

It took me 5 minutes to scroll down and find the 'leave a comment' link. Congratulations.

That was pretty funny. The next morning was even funnier because Nate got mad, but you just kept your cool. I hate waking up earlyyyy.

I completely forgot about how miz I was about those grapes with the nuts. That ruined my morning. I'm glad we traded fruits. Also, nice use of MIZ. I should've used my 'teeth' lolololol

I LOVE HOW YOU FORESHADOW EVENTS i.e. the bra strap. BEAUTIFUL. Your blog is full of literary devices.

I drank so many liquids, dude. Ridiculous. Also, that is EXACTLY the face I made. Good times. We had so much fun over there. Also, take a year off, and let's move to NYC.

The microwave video is so good. So was football. You look cute in those paparazzi photos.

Thanks for saving my life twice.


Let's move to NYC and rat watch everyday and make Nate jump on the track even though he won't want to. We'll laugh forever.

Those blue doors were from the other dimension I think. Also, that bum was the smelliest. He was the smelliest man alive.

Remember when we did the Taris pose on the stairs? Well, you did and I imagined you were him? SIGH. Nate creeping was hilarious though. That was the best. Almost as funny as when that guy sat next to Nate. Why do the best/funniest things always happen to us? MEANT TO BE.

I blame our obnoxious behavior on the energy boosts because we acted the exact same way we did on the drive home, but both of those times were my favorite times.

TV was great.
Seeing my bra through my dress; not so much.

Nate Bou said...

I love how you say you felt bad. makes me laugh!
Very goo post! lots of dets and I enjoy the little remarks :)
Mine is boring lol