Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Messy Little Raindrops

Chelsea told me to do a post of the things I enjoy. That is a really good idea, so I definitely will do that in the future! Not today though. Today I'm writing about one thing that I've really been enjoying lately, and that is Cheryl Cole's  Messy Little Raindrops.

This is a great pop album, not much substance, but just a fun time. Weirdly enough, quite a few of the songs have lyrics that fit to my life, or certain situations in my life right now.

"I can put my hands down in it,
But I won't bring nothing up,
Sitting at the shore all day,
waiting on the tide to come
But you can't hold on to water
It fills you up but never stays"
                          --The Flood

"We could be,
why don't we,
can you see?
You should be,
you should be with me..."

"Sometimes life's unfair
Don't you let that stop you though
I've been right you are, before
I've been there before
Don't let no one stop you though
Happiness is for everyone."

"Love can't grow without
tiny little raindrops.
Tiny little, tiny little,
messy little raindrops."

There are definitely some other quotes I could write, but those are the tops. This is one of the best CDs of 2010, in my opinion. Maybe it's just my newly found love for Chezza speaking, but I've been listening to MLR all weekend.

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Chelsea Kirchoff said...

I bet these songs are horrible, but I can see how they'd fit cerTAin situations VERY WELL...!! xx

We should listen to it.