Friday, October 1, 2010

Octobre! (That's French for October)

Ladies and gents, it is now October! This is one of the best times of the year.  It's when you get over the initial shock of being back in school, and the pain that we feel when summer ends finally subsides. You smell the nice, cool, crisp autumn air and feel the crunch of leaves under your feet as you storm the city.  Its the time of year when you bust out your jeans and fall jackets.  The weather is cool, but not too cold, so walking around outside watching orange and yellow leaves falling from trees can still be enjoyable.  It's the time of year for apple orchards, where you can get apple cider and fresh donuts. Speedway brings back Pumpkin Spice Lattés. Pumpkins are readily available to be gutted and carved. Baked pumpkin seeds? Mmm.

But really, the best thing about October is HALLOWEEN!  It possesses the magical essence of everything scary.  What goes bump in the night comes to life in October.  Black cats always wandering around, witches flying through the sky, ghosts roaming the streets, zombies digging to get to the surface, vampires creaking out of their coffin. Haunted houses begin opening their doors to people waiting to pee their pants in fear. And horror movies! Who doesn't love cuddling on a couch with a group of friends watching Halloween, or one of the many other classic fright flicks, in the dark, and then being afraid to walk to their own bathroom without turning on every light on the way?! Sounds like a blast to me!

I will surely be posting about my adventures doing some of the aforementioned things. Hopefully I don't pee my pants at a haunted house though, that'd be real embarrassing!


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Chelsea Kirchoff said...

I can't even read this without giggling because you made me so excited and summed up everything that I adore about this month. Even if PROMA ruins the haunted house thing, can we all still go? I couldn't think of anything more fun than going to a haunted house. Oh and I'm excited to watch another scary movie with you guys (and Are You Afraid of the Dark?)

P.S. Lovely illustration!