Thursday, October 7, 2010

I Can't Go Out...*cough*...I'm Sick.

The past few days I have been sick.  Like nauseous-and-dizzy-when-I-stand-up sick. I missed class on Tuesday to recover, and yesterday morning, when I woke up I felt okay.  Then I got up to take a shower and actually had to sit down in the shower because I felt like I was going to pass out. When I finished my shower I sat naked in front of a fan because I was so hot, and the heat was making me feel even more nauseous. Looks like class was a no-go again.  Except I did go to class.  I only missed my two early morning classes. The other classes only meet once a week, so I felt more obligated to go.

As the day went on, I was given advice from Nate Bou (who made his own blog today!) to go to UHS (University Health Service).  I figured it wouldn't hurt, I mean, at least I'd find out what was wrong with me.  I went to UHS before I went to class.  I waited in the lobby for a "Dr." to become available.  I only had to wait about 5 minutes until I was taken back to a room.  But then I sat on the little bed thing that are in all doctor's rooms and waited some more.  Finally, the "Dr." came into the room.  Let's call him "Dr. Phill," because I really don't believe he went to medical school nor has any medical credentials.

Dr. Phill then asked for my symptoms. I told him I have been feeling nauseous and dizzy when I am up and about. He asked me if I have thrown up, and I replied,
-"Yup. Only once though."  
-"Hmm. Only once?"
He then grabbed his stethoscope and listened to my heart beat through my back, took my temperature, and looked into my ear. He then said he would be right back.
I waited for another couple of minutes and he walked back into the room holding his clipboard. What he then told me is what made me doubt his credentials.
"Well, I think that you might have a stomach virus. Or maybe a slight case of the flu. And you might have an inner-ear infection, which would explain the dizziness. If you don't feel better in the next couple of days, come back and see me."

That would be a negative. My dad is making an appointment with my real doctor for this weekend, in case I'm not better.


Chelsea Kirchoff said...

Why didn't you take a cold shower so when you got out you wouldn't be hot and have to sit NAKED in front of a fan? Weirdo.

I wish you would've asked this guy for his credentials. Was he old? He probably looks like this guy I saw at Meijer tonight. Maybe they were the same person. Probably.

When you were telling me this story on the phone, I was thinking, this guy sounds like he came up with these answers via webmd. You can't trust him.

The best part of this entry, other than that FABULOUS drawing, is: "That would be a negative."

Funny, funny.

Chelsea Kirchoff said...

P.S. Is that subject line in reference to Oscar? Because it makes me think of when he was in the office pretending to be sick.

Matt Benyo said...

Oscar, mean girls, same thing, no?

And yes, he was old.

I didn't take a cold shower because I wasn't expecting to get sick from the heat.

Nate Bou said...

Haha I love this. what a duuf!! i thought they were Graduate students or something.