Thursday, October 14, 2010

An Excellent Day at School

Yesterday, Chelsea Kirchoff posted about the movie, One Week. So of course I had to watch it, and if her gushing over the movie didn't convince you to watch it, then let me try to convince you. IT IS SO GOOD! GO WATCH IT NOW! Did that work?  It is such a good "thinker" movie.  I mean, what would you do if you only had a week to live?  I will be composing a list of things I would do, which I'll be providing in a future post. It's not going to be a bucket list, per say, but more of a reckless list. Like I said, it will be coming soon!

Also, yesterday was a great day at school for me. It started when I woke up, I was feeling sick about my Français exam at 12. I was feeling very unprepared, so I decided to stay home from my Bio class (from 10-11) so I could study even more. I went over the Subjontif and how it changes verbs, blah blah blah. Then at the very bottom of the outline was some advice that I had been ignoring since I got the outline last week.  It told us that we would be writing 2 paragraphs about 2 different things we've learned so far in the semester and our teacher would be giving us a short list of things and we chose the 2 topics we wanted to write about. The outline said that we should practice writing paragraphs about different things we've learned this semester so we'd be prepared.  Write. Paragraphs. Outside. Of. Class? No thanks. BUT, I decided, why the heck not, maybe it will actually prepare me. I wrote about le STO and Les Femmes Tondues because I actually knew about those two topics.  I was able to use my French-English dictionary (aka Google Translate) to translate some key words.  12 o' clock ticks around and it's time for the exam.  As I'm taking the test, I'm feeling really good about the Subjontif part of the exam, and here then... here comes the essay part of the exam.  She starts writing the 4 options we have to write about:

     1. Les femmes de resistance (Lucie, Olga, ou Genvieve)
Crap. I was sick the day the class went over that.

     2. Vichy, France et Pétain
Dude, that was like during the beginning of September.

... Now I am really panicking...

     3. Le STO ou the travailleurs de STO

     4. Les femmes tondues.
Thank the Lord!
Done and done!

With that horrifyingly not-so-bad Français exam out of the way, I was dreading that I would have to finish a project proposal for my IGR class in an hour. It wouldn't have been so bad if I hadn't written one of the two required pages the night before and had been counting on my other two group members to contribute.  Then when I plopped down into a comfy chair to get typing away, I first checked my email, and BAM! One of my group members had emailed me a completed project proposal! I was so happy. I just needed to tweek a few things and print it off! So during the hour break I had, I watched some of One Week.

Made my way over to Angell Hall for my women studies lecture. An hour of pure torture. The night before I read some of the required reading; an article in which some broad analyzed Gretchen Wilson's "Redneck Woman." It felt like someone had to make a 20 page limit, and they stretched the comparisons to make the limit.  It could have been reduced to a 5 page really interesting article, but it contained SO MUCH FILLER. It was terrible. Time for the lecture and HEY, we have a guest lecturer. Guess who the guest lecturer was? That page-filling-Gretchen-Wilson-analyzing-horrible-article-writting lady! May I repeat, an hour of pure torture!  So I decided during this lecture would be the perfect time to go to the bathroom.  So, I exited out the back to go to the bathroom. Then, when finished using the facilities, I DID NOT want to go back to that lecture. I stumbled upon a computer and figured I needed to print that project proposal from IGR, and why not do it now. I printed the paper and continued to wander the halls. While roaming, I came across a table promoting the newly formed Michigan Quidditch team! Finally, after about 20 minutes total, I returned to the lecture hall. It was like skipping class during high school all over again.

Next up was IGR. This is most definitely my favorite class of this semester, probably of my whole time at UM. It is a dialogue class that only has about 13 students and 2 facilitators (who are also undergrad students).  Our dialogue section theme is socioeconomic status, which to be honest, I never thought about. This class has opened my mind about this subject, and I LOVE it. I love everyone that is in my group, there are so many different personalities but we all mesh so well! My two facilitators, Katie and Chris, are the best I could ask for! Chris legit makes this class so much fun! I couldn't imagine for anything better!  Yesterday's class was the best yet! I went in being in a very good mood, which is great because then I'm in the mood to talk! We started with an ice breaker called "I Can Relate" and it is when one person says something and whoever can relate says "I can relate."  That person then stands up and links arm with the first person.  Then they say something and another person will link arms with them. It goes until it makes a full circle.  I related to "Going out of town this weekend!" NEW YORK, BABY! The rest of the two hour class flew by. We ended up splitting up into two groups, the more privileged, higher-SES "agents," and the less privileged, lower-SES "targets." I went with the agents group based on my privilege growing up, not because of the amount of money my family makes.  And also because Chris was the leader of the "agents" group.

After IGR, I had an hour break before Women Studies discussion. I watched some more of One Week. But for real, the reason I knew it was going to be a GREAT day when I first woke up was because that morning..., I checked my UM email and my Women Studies professor emailed all the students the pop quiz that was planned to be given out later that day, along with the answer key. Whoops...  So looks like we weren't having that pop quiz this week! Discussion was cut short, since my GSI (Graduate Student Instructor) didn't have time to plan things to take up the time the quiz would have.

That was my excellent day of schooling! I hope you made it through this super long post without falling asleep halfway through!


Chelsea Kirchoff said...

LOOK AT THAT NOSE! Gah! I love drawing noses. They're the most fun.

This was an omega long post, but of course I read all of it AND I didn't fall asleep. I think that's because even when you write about mundane things like school, it's not boring or hard to read. Being interested in what you write makes it easier too! ;)

I'm really glad you watched One Week. That's crazy to me. Like I said earlier, no one ever listens to me when I suggest things AND I DO SUGGEST GOOD THINGS! I'm glad you enjoyed it. We totally need to talk about it together! I think I'm going to copy you with that list because that's EXACTLY what I wanted to do after I saw it.

I'm also glad you called me to talk, but it was bad timing. Maybe tomorrow?


Chelsea Kirchoff said...

P.S. Congrats on your French exam!