Friday, October 8, 2010

Apple Charlie's!

This past Sunday, a few friends and I went to Apple Charlie's in New Boston.  Here are a few reasons that we choose to go to Apple Charlie's:
1. There is no parking or admission fee.
2. They have animals!
3. Nostalgia. (We went there last year as well.)
4. The prices are reasonable.*
*When I say reasonable, I mean cheaper than other cider mills I have been to.

Apple orchards are like many other things, in the aspect that you are totally pumped to go and the whole car ride there, you think about how much fun its going to be... and then you get there.  Part of the reason is because one of the best things about apple orchards are picking apples. Too bad most apples are supposed to be picked from the end of August to mid-September.  The only apples fit for picking this late in the season are the ones nobody likes to eat. Other reasons are because it is so packed, you always feel rushed. Rushed to buy, rushed to move along while watching donuts and/or cider being made, just rush rush rush. And then you see the prices... Apple Charlie's prices aren't unreasonable, as I mentioned earlier.  We were able to leave with a gallon of cider and a dozen donuts for $13.50.

There are up sides though! Like being able to watching little circles of dough being dropped into hot oil and seeing them fry.  But one of my favorite things to watch (and smell) is the room where they make the cider.  All they do is layer apples upon apples and then CRUSH the juice out of them. It smells heavenly.

The animals are also a pretty big reason we drive all the way to New Boston for an apple orchard trip.  We went last year for the first time, and we saw this turkey. It was one of the most disgusting things I've seen in my life.  It's hanging gobbler thing was crusty and wrinkled. It was real nasty. So obviously, we were excited to go see if it was still alive! (It might have been eaten last November... you never know!) Luckily, I have pictures from both years, so we can compare.  I'm not sure if turkey's necks can change colors, but other than that they look the same. What do you think?

Apple Charlie's also has an ostrich.  Now, you may be thinking, "Oh cool! An ostrich!", but those are pretty scary animals.  It pecks at the caging that it is in to get to seeds that gawkers are trying to feed it (or to take a chuck out of someone's finger!).  I also learned that ostriches can move really fast! It quickly bobs its head from the ground to full extension. It just seemed pretty angry too. I would hate to be stuck in a cage, or field, with an ostrich. It would probably kill me. You can check Mr. O out below, along with some of his other animal friends.

PS. I am actually enjoying some of the previous mentioned cider and our last donut as I type this!


Chelsea Kirchoff said...

I read this and did not expect it to be funny at all. I just thought, "OH APPLE ORCHARD ENTRY. Whatever." But seriously, I was dying when you got to the part about the turkey. OH MY GOD. HILARIOUS. Definitely the same turkey. I can't get over how funny that was. The ostrich was outside when I went so I was mad and its stupid fenced in area is like, in the middle of all of the animals? so you can't really GET TO IT. Must be because the ostrich is like the velociraptor of farm animals even though it's not really a farm animal; it's kind of exotic. Why does that pig look like Steve Carell's chest after he attempts to get it waxed in The 40 Year Old Virgin? Is it missing a patch? I remember seeing it as well, but I'm pretty sure that's the exact same time I heard the chainsaw so I blacked out.

I hate how rushed Apple Charlie's is. I hate where it is. I hate the WTPB and I hate how the anticipation is more exciting than the ruhl thing, but it was still an experience. I wanna go to the Franklin Cider Mill so bad. Nate and I were talking about that one. That's my family's tradition and their cider and doughnuts kill every other orchard's. SUCK IT, NEW BOSTON!

P.S. Why the hell did I type so much?

Nate Bou said...

This was a real interesting blog! I love the comparison between this years turkey and last years. And I would say that they're the same...I dont know why though, I would have eaten the one from last year lol